‘Twas The Night Before Rumour Round-Up – Brodeur A Tradeable Asset?

With Murray still talking trade, but now short on draft picks, and roster depth, some have begun mentioning Mike Brodeur as a very tradeable asset.
In fact, there’s chatter about the Blues having interest in Brodeur in exchange for former Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo.

Time will tell.

Just got an “urgent” message…”Lee for Aaron Ward, book it, it’s done”.

“Book it” and “BS” seem synonymous these days, as such, I’ll believe it when I see it, but the source has some legitimacy…some.

See you tomorrow.



6 Responses to “‘Twas The Night Before Rumour Round-Up – Brodeur A Tradeable Asset?”

  1. Lee had a decent game tonight. Given his age (22?), status (RFA) and cost he is way more valuable than a 2nd rounder. I’d say keep him

    • With all due respect Sam, Lee was awful tonight, IMO. He was the Rangers 4th line dew rag all night, they mopped the floor with him. I’d move him for anything…he has no future on this club, period, full stop, lights out.

  2. Agreed GN!

    Move Lee for Ward. Do it!

    After tonight’s performance maybe something else goes down. I would make a move on Hamhuis though. do what ever it takes to get him.

    I would be shocked if LeClaire doesn’t get the start next game. he was great in relief tonight.

    Take a chance on Boyes?

    3 Ranger goals in 2.02 minutes. I supposed the Sens got shell shocked there for a bit.


    • Shell shocked or just desserts?
      Sens came to play tonight, while the Rangers came to win.
      Worst case scenario is this team failing to up their intensity and resting on the fruits of their previous win streak.
      The Sens are going to face some determined teams, like tnight, and if they don’t match the oppositions intensity the embarassment will continue, regardless the roster.
      Hell, look at Alfie tonight..awful, just awful.
      Only 2 1/2 good players tonight;
      Regin and
      The rest were poor to embarassing, IMO.

      • They had to score on the powerplay in the third and didn’t. A couple of pad stops by hank and no one to put home rebounds. And at times there was no forecheck. Neil, Regin, Kelly and sometimes Shannon were about the only ones forechecking. Where the hell was Fisher?

        Carkner tried to dangle and lost it instead of dumping to the corner he turned a rush the other way.

        Yeah, Pepe le pew would have been proud of that reek they made tonight.

        Oh well lets see who’s in the lineup for next game. Oh and Kuba went down with an injury.

        We could see 2 more Dmen tomorrow besides Sutton.

  3. Ells got hung out – Section 109 was a great place to see all goals. I didn’t notice if Lee was on for the goals – just how Carkner got exposed by Callahan and how the Sens backed up providing a nice screen so Dubinsky could walk in with a seeing eye shot. The D got burned and Elliott hung out to dry – one bank shot goal from near the goal line as he was scrambling looked bad the others were just defensive blunders. I’d say another D is in the cards. Would Cullen be flipped again?

    Honestly he looked OK at times – made some moves that looked like he was going to turn a play but nada. Could be good if he finds chemistry with somebody. Spezza and Alfie? Regin and Foligno? The Fisher Kovalev Cullen line may not see another shift.

    4 more home games … maybe Snoopy will get a few starts too – but even he would have been hung out in the second.

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