Breaking News – Sens Trade For Depth Dman

Just announced, Andy Sutton has been traded to Ottawa for SJ’s 2nd round pick.

So who is this Andy Sutton?

In a word…MONSTER!

He can’t shoot (accurately).

He can’t pass, like an All Star.

He can’t score…much.

So get the offensive side of the game out of your head right now.

But, he can hit, like a Mack truck, and does so often, and with vigour.

He can block shots, like a puck magnet.

He can mix it up, with any and all comers.

He can defend, and is among the best pure defensive Dmen in the game, rated number 1 by among all NHL defenseman in their “defensive defenseman” metric.

Andy Sutton has been playing a #2 role on the lackluster NYI’s, a team ranked 26th in the league for GA/G, and yet he is only a minus 3…MINUS 3!

We’re talking all star calibre defense here folks…not All star all around Dman, just defense and grit.

Sutton will make any and all forwards earn every inch of ice in the defensive zone. He’ll keep any net crashers bobbing and weaving.  He will dominate his corner.

And, not to be understated, he will provide Clouston with one more tool in his pest control arsenal.  No longer will Carks be asked to carry the load “grit” wise from the blueline.  No longer will the opposition be able to target Carks, drawing him into fights, just to get him off the ice.  Now Sutton is there to split that work load, and all but eliminate that tactic.

The Sens have just landed a legitimate NHL defender, with size, grit, and aggression.

Like Carkner and Volchenkov, you don’t look for Sutton’s value in the offensive stats, you look at the “Black&Blue” stat., combined hits & blocked shots.

#1 Andy Sutton – 5.7/G
#2 Stepen Robidas – 5.4/G
Volchenkov – 5.4/G

Carks, Volchy and Sutton, the Ottawa Ogres!



8 Responses to “Breaking News – Sens Trade For Depth Dman”

  1. Insurance policy in case they have to trade volchenkov. Sounds like the Kovalev acquisition ..?? But if Sutton is worth a second rounder, what is volchenkov worth ?

  2. Who knows Sam.
    According to Brennan, of the Ottawa Sun, Volchy is not going anywhere.
    But that’s not what I’m hearing, at least not a closed door in terms of the possibility of Volchy being traded.
    The Sutton aquisition seems to add weight to the idea Volchy may be on the block.

  3. Well, when you put it like that…

  4. He’s also a great shot blocker, making it look more like a pressure tactic in the Volchy negotiations…

    Trading Volchy would send a message to players and agents who play hard ball at the deadline. It’s a tough message though, and not necessarily good for morale…

    If Volchy does go, I hope it’s for another defenseman with a big slapshot from the point. That is the biggest hole in the team right now I think, and it shows in their powerplay.

    • Ideally the addition of Cullen adds that PP shot from the blueline. That’s the beauty of Cullen, PP QB, can play anywhere up front, and provides solid offense and defense.
      Cullen, like Sutton, may not be a “name” player, but they do provide enormous depth and post season intangibles.
      I’m VERY happy with these moves.

  5. GN:

    This is no depth D-man…Andy Sutton was my preference #1…size 6’7″; size 245lbs…size one of those guys that can “span” 7ft…ever try to go wide on a DEFENCEMAN like that.

    • Glad you’re happy Nik.
      By depth I mean “role player”. Sutton is not an all around Dman, and as such represents more of a role player than elite player.
      I am excited at the deal, and for a 55-60th pick…awesome return.

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