So, You’re Looking Good, How Have You Been?

Another line we’ve all heard.

You know, that cagey, non-committal statement you make the first time you see your ex, the one who cheated on you, but the one you still haven’t quite gotten over, either.

You’ve dreamed of them regretting their decisions.  Dreamed of them pining over you, scheming how to win you back.  “Oh”, you’ve thought, “how I will make them beg, how I will prove to them they made a huge mistake, oh how I’ll make them pay”.

But then you see them, sitting there with their friends.  You heard the rumours that they wanted you back, but you’d heard that before, too many times before.

Now they’ve seen you, too, and, oh shit, they’re coming to speak to you.

You’re furious with them.

You’ve vowed you’ve gotten over them.

Then why the excitement?

Why the anticipation?

“So, you’re looking good, how have you been?”


That’s it?

That was your moment to make them pay, and that was it?

Now what?

Well co-dumped, now what?

Help me figure out how to punish them.  Not kill them, but not let them off without punishment either.


13 Responses to “So, You’re Looking Good, How Have You Been?”

  1. You’re like the guy in the office who’s been divorced and re-married to the same chick 3 times…but she’s still kind of more attractive than that 19year old.

  2. Man, I feel like such a sucker for even giving a rats ass about this game.
    The truth is, if my wife follows through on her threat to never watch another game, I may well end up being that divorced guy, lol!

  3. Aha, what is the value of punishment?

    I was involved in a horse rescue about 6 years ago. We were trying to get a bunch (80+) of horses placed before the county seized them. If the county took them, they would end up on trucks to slaughterhouses in Mexico or Canada. The county didn’t have facilities to keep them, they would have to auction them off ASAP. We didn’t want that to happen, so we were getting people to agree to take them, one or two at a time. Sometimes people even paid the worthless owner for them. We got the horses placed, we got them off the owner’s property before the county’s deadline. The horses were saved.

    HOWEVER… had we done nothing, left the horses to be seized, the county would have had a much better case with which to prosecute the neglectful owner. But they didn’t have the horse bodies as evidence so I don’t think she got more than a slap on the hand. See, if we wanted to punish her, we would have had to punish the horses too.

    This is kind of the same problem: even if fans were united enough, if we boycotted the sport we would only be heaping punishment on the folks already staggering from the lockout: the eateries and shops and arena workers. We’d possibly weaken the sport so it couldn’t get such good advertisers or tv coverage. We’d have less access to a dimmer spectacle. Unless we could have prevented the lockout, there isn’t a lot of point in punishing anyone now that it’s over.

    • I agree PS. And that is my problem. I do not want to kill the game, only ensure that the Duo understand there are consequences for their actions.
      I intend to spend whatever funds I would have put forth for tickets to instead spend them at a local bar to watch a game there.

  4. Sensay, this is exactly the plan I intend to carry through on myself. I will spend $$ at the local watering hole, and watch our beloved Sens from there. It really is too bad this happened, as you see the realtion between team and player very much alive, versus hate for the league vs. the player.
    Anyways, I was a season ticket holder, but not this year. I intend to renew next year, because I do not what Ottawa to lose its team, but I have found even more than being a hockey Fan, and I am absolutely niuts about our Senators!

    • heh heh. a couple type-o’s. Hopefully, you can read through them. I typed fast. I meant to say, I care deeply for the Sens organization for what they do in our city and how much they care for our players, and in this context, rather than NHL vs Players, I am starting to see past the crap we endured.

      • this doesn’t execuse the players, even the Sens own player reps, but, like petshark said, it was never in our control. all we want is hockey. I hope we get it at its highlest level. I will be super pissed if the players don’t play like they were still in Junior trying to make the NHL. If they pussy foot lazily around the ice like 12 Kovalev’s, then I will leave the game forever. I don’t expect that to happen though, given the thorough breads we are developing in Bingo.

  5. If you lose it, or forget it, just make a new one.

  6. carver55 Says:

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