Welcome to SenSay – Your Hockey Homepage

If you’re a Sens fan, or even just a hockey fan, I’d love this to be your hockey fix launch pad.  I will try to provide a good mix of links so you can always start your day here, knowing you can quickly get to where you want to go, whether it’s for up to date media coverage, statistics, or opinion, start here.

This is also a web-log about the Ottawa Senators, from a franchise long fan.  I’ve been following this franchise from its re-inception, to present day, from relative obscurity to the centre stage of the Cup Finals.

I will try to steer clear from blind cheer-leading, but as a fan of this team, don’t expect me to throw them under the bus either.

As much as possible I will try to do some interesting statistical analysis, as time permits, in an attempt to show some different takes then the usual “snap shots” available through-out the web.

If you have something to say, feel free, but be prepared to defend your view!

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at sensay.gmx.com


7 Responses to “Welcome to SenSay – Your Hockey Homepage”

  1. Peter van Rens Says:

    Just found your blog.

    Like it alot.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Thanks Peter.

  3. Sure, I’m about two months late, but welcome aboard the interweb bandwagon!

  4. broadstreetbully Says:

    Like your blog man. Interested in doing a link exchange?

  5. Nice work on the blog! I like your writing style. Care to trade links?

  6. Thanks for the posts they are always a good read. I have a comment to all the other die hards out there who feel the urge to vomit when watching the current version of our team. The team we have now isnt good enough to win more then a series in the playoffs in a perfect world. Right now we are out of balance between vets and young players. Every team that has turned itself around recently has done so with these three factors. High draft pick with high end talent mixing with, another set of young guys that outplay there contracts and savvy vets who get reinvigorated by the youth and compliment there speed and exuberance with a calm intelligent presence. We are close the turn around is beginning as we have a lot of young guys one to two years away. It pains me to say this but dont blow it up, lose some vets at the end of the year and tank this year, make a move to get rid of a goalie and maybe try for one. If we can get a top five draft pick with high end skill it is my opinion that is all we need to be competitive. Seems everywhere people believe this team has become to comfortable in there rolls and I believe a young gun out playing them is enough to make them play to there capability to stay on the team. Think of Colorado, Duchesne Anderson and Stewart and they go from worst to playoffs in a year. We go for Vokoun or one of Nashvilles goalies get a top pick and have him compliment Butler Regin and Foligno. We are not that far off. Lose Kovalev, Ruutu Shannon Kuba and Leclaire fill there rolls with Bass Butler and whoever wins the job out of camp.

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