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So, You’re Looking Good, How Have You Been?

Posted in General Opinion, Uncategorized on January 6, 2013 by sensay

Another line we’ve all heard.

You know, that cagey, non-committal statement you make the first time you see your ex, the one who cheated on you, but the one you still haven’t quite gotten over, either.

You’ve dreamed of them regretting their decisions.  Dreamed of them pining over you, scheming how to win you back.  “Oh”, you’ve thought, “how I will make them beg, how I will prove to them they made a huge mistake, oh how I’ll make them pay”.

But then you see them, sitting there with their friends.  You heard the rumours that they wanted you back, but you’d heard that before, too many times before.

Now they’ve seen you, too, and, oh shit, they’re coming to speak to you.

You’re furious with them.

You’ve vowed you’ve gotten over them.

Then why the excitement?

Why the anticipation?

“So, you’re looking good, how have you been?”


That’s it?

That was your moment to make them pay, and that was it?

Now what?

Well co-dumped, now what?

Help me figure out how to punish them.  Not kill them, but not let them off without punishment either.



This Is Going To Hurt Me, More Than It Hurts You…

Posted in General Opinion on January 6, 2013 by sensay

We’ve all heard this line, and in my case, it has always been at the “lucky” end of the spoon.  But let me tell you, it really hurt, so I can’t imagine how much it hurt my mother…until now.

I, like all hockey fans, face a gut wrenching situation, one which leaves me thinking it will hurt me, more than them; them being the NHL and NHLPA, the Depressing Duo.

Like a petulant child, refusing to see reason and behave in a socially acceptable way, the Duo needs to be punished, they need a time out or a good spanking.

I know this, but, as I put the Duo over my knee, and raise the spoon, I waiver, fearing this will hurt me, more than it hurts them.

You see, I want to punish them, not myself.

Why should I be punished too?

I’ve done nothing wrong!

I’M the victim in all of this!

But, am I really innocent in all of this?  Do I really deserve the right to feel the victim burdened with meting out a needed punishment?

And that’s the rub.  I’m a part of the problem, too.

I’m the parent that made idle threats, looked the other way when the child began to get too big for his britches, and laughed at his precociousness.

Then, when the recipe for disaster pie was ready to eat, I somehow feel like I’m the one unfairly forced to take a big bite…unwilling to accept it is of my own making.

This wasn’t the first work-stoppage, nor the second.  This was the third, in less than a generation, with one of them resulting in a complete loss of a season.

The price paid that time?

For the NHL, record profits.

For the NHLPA, record contracts.

For the fans, another slap to the face.

And I’m as guilty as anyone for the shameful state of contempt heaped upon the fans of this game.  I’m the parent that screamed “stop it”, while still laughing at the behaviour.

I’m the problem.

In my desire to not hurt myself, more than the Depressing Duo, I’ve created this situation.

I’ve created the spoiled brat(s).

And now, I’m swinging the spoon, hard.

It’s going to hurt, of that I am sure, but let’s be honest, it can’t hurt more than beginning to hate your own children.