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On The Suspensions

Posted in General Opinion on April 16, 2012 by sensay

Talking about NHL discipline is like commenting on which way the wind blows, while standing in the middle of a tornado.

But here’ goes;

Carkner – He received a 2 game ban, not one, as some seem to be saying.  His ejection was a one game, plus the other handed down by Shanny.  I have no issue with this as his actions were obviously premeditated, intentional, and resulting from a previous incident, not from the heat of the moment.  But, that being said, Boyle did have the opportunity to defend himself, knew he was going to have to do so, and chose not to.

Sure it could be argued that you do not HAVE to fight…but, if you go around hitting others after the whistle, it hardly seems the moral high-ground to later claim the right to not be hit by others.  Boyle made his bed, and, in my eyes, took a bigger beating to his character than to his face.

But the biggest gain in all of this is the fact that, after Boyle attacked Karlsson, and received no penalty (it was a wash with Karlsson also being penalized), resulting in this whole situation, the officials arenow  less likely to allow Boyle, or any other Ranger, a free shot in physically abusing Karlsson, outside of the rules of the game.

Once again, the NHL created the situation, by refusing to do the job at the outset, then, from the power vacuum this created,  left the player holding the bag.

Hagelin – Rangers fans have every right to be disgusted by this suspension, not because it wasn’t warranted – it was – but because it seems inconsistent with the Weber non suspension.  Webers act, IMO, is at least as bad, and because it came outside the play, even worse.

That being said, those Ranger fans claiming Alfie embellished…get real, there’s no way he misses half of the game, and OT, just in the hopes of getting Hagelin suspended, that is just plain idiocy.

Yes Shanahan has a difficult job, but he’s done nothing (and maybe can’t) to make it any easier, and the on ice officials continue to foster the environment of chaos and in-consistency, leading to Shanny’s intervention, and eventual criticism.



Winning may gain you fame, but only character can earn you respect.

Posted in Senators Opinion on April 16, 2012 by sensay

We’ll here they are, your Ottawa Senators, in all of their glory.

And yes, I use the term glory, with all of its attached and implied meanings, because, in all honesty, they have been glorious this season.

We all know they will not win the Cup, but we all hope they do.

We all know they aren’t likely to even get out of this round, but we all hope they do.

We all know, the mere fact they are returning home, in the post season, with a win under their belt, is expectedly un-expected.

This team is the little team that could…and, with a little luck (because, like it or not, luck matters), they may even be the little team that does.

My level of pride in this team is un-matched…they may not be the most skilled team we have ever had, but, in terms of fortitude, dedication, and value for money, they’re tops.

Go get ’em boys, and know, win or lose, you have earned the respect of thousands.