What is left when honor is lost? – Publilius Syrus

We all watch things in the game that leave us shaking our collective heads.

Cheap shots.

Ridiculous officiating.


But then, right when we think the game has sunk to its lowest ethical depths, something new happens, something so…wrong, it makes us shutter at the impact its doing has on the deepest foundations of the games integrity as a sport.

An act that makes us wonder if the sport we love has truly become little more than a game for spoiled millionaires.

Something that, when one see’s it occur, leaves one wondering “What is left when honor is lost?”

It hurts my soul to admit, the sport I love, hockey, is on a clear, determined and unfettered spiral downward, where anything goes, and the ends will always, always, justify the means.

Yes, it was a small thing…I guess, but, it so entirely lacked in honour, its impact is paradigmal in scope.

Judge for yourself;




8 Responses to “What is left when honor is lost? – Publilius Syrus”

  1. AndrooK Says:

    I’m not sure the words honour, soul, deepest foundations or integrity really apply to this silly gesture. I really expected this article to relate to Orpik kneecapping Stepan, something that could have knocked Stepan out of the season. In a game that is losing players to head injuries, I don’t think that a pinpoint moment of ‘lost honour’ is Clowe being a knob. Get a grip. It was kinda funny.

    • I agree with that. Dirty plays that are more than likely to seriously injure someone are the definition of dishonorable. As long as those are there and being tolerated, I will feel free to laugh out loud at what Clowe did. It was stupid but completely without guise (it isn’t HIS fault the ref decided to go blind or ignore it). I thought it was hilarious, but his punishment will be to show up in the same sentence as Sean Avery for a long time to come.

      What makes me mad and does make me despair for the sport is that Mitchell was injured in that game, by a blatant hit to the back of the head, but the hockey world is so used to those things that it would rather have fits about something that would have been a 2 min minor.

  2. There is, IMO, a big difference between integrity IN the game, and the integrity OF the game.
    As I said, cheap shot hits are despicable, but are individual acts, on the ice, within the game.
    To interfere with the game from outside the ice surface is an entirely new level of disrespect and, to me, shows a major shift into a world of absolute free for all.
    What’s next, throw beer bottles at players from the stands?
    Or better yet, put a d-man at the net on every play, and whenever the puck looks like it might go in, throw the net off of its moorings. Just do it game in, game out, shift in, shift out…so what if you take a penalty, just do it again…5-3, so what, do it again…all you need is one goal, after that, keep knocking the net off, FTW.
    Hell, why not, right?
    If you win, to hell with honour, integrity or any respect for the game, right?
    Like I said, it just moves the bar all the lower, and increased the range of disrespect for the game.
    I, honestly, would suspend Clowe for 25 games, to be sure to make it clear that any interference from outside the playing surface is an absolute no-no.

    • AndrooK Says:

      Trying to seriously injure someone, just a couple of game suspension. If you dare try to take some element of integrity out of a sport that really only exists for the fans’ entertainment? Well, get out of the NHL sir, there’s no place for you. I’m glad you want Clowe to get a punishment comparable to Bertuzzi, who blatantly broke someone’s neck.

      It’s entertainment. It’s stupid and I’m sure his coach, GM and teammates were unimpressed, if not a little amused as the balls it took to do something so absurd. This isn’t going to start an epidemic.

      How exactly does this have anything to do with fans throwing beer on the ice? That’s something that’s dangerous (key word being dangerous) and should get someone arrested. Save your anger for the next time you see someone recklessly put someone’s health or safety in danger, not when someone carelessly stymies another team’s rush through the neutral zone…

      • Again, you seem un-able, or un-willing to comprehend the difference between the individual and the game…oh well.
        As for those who cause injury, I have made many comments on this behaviour, but why, I ask, would one preclude the ability to criticise the other?
        If the game loses its integrity by allowing ex-situ influence, well, then why bother calling it hockey, as we know it.
        Safety is important, but it isn’t everything, and I would argue, if the game is meaningless, the whole safety thing will be a non issue, as the game will no longer be played.

        • Discipline, especially in the 25 game suspension range, is typically related entirely to discouraging acts that would injure players. So sorry for comparing your suggested punishment to the only other 25 game suspension I know of. To say that Clowe’s action is indicating the coming of the hockey apocalypse is blowing this out of proportion.

          Clowe is an individual. He acted as an individual, and I would be stunned if playing from the bench ever became a meaningful part of the game. And if some asshole tosses a bottle of beer on the ice, it most likely has nothing to do with Clowe. There have been isolated incidents being an asshole that don’t lead to an avalanche of disrespect. In fact, the only time that really seems to happen is when there is a dirty hit. So yeah, safety and this Clowe incident aren’t comparable at all.

  3. I’m with androok. I was playing in a beer league game a couple of weeks ago and tripped with the puck at the other team’s blueline. Sitting on my ass, I saw one of their guys breaking towards it– it definitely would have been a breakaway. So I committed a little handpass and got a whistle. It was a jerky thing to do. I’m an ass.
    But you know what it wasn’t? Flagrantly dishonest, dishonorable, or so inherently wrong. And I seriously hope it doesn’t hurt your soul to hear that story. Hockey isn’t going to hell because people do stupid little plays. Or stupid bigger plays- ie Clowe.
    Hockey is more likely to be in trouble because it can’t gain traction in markets where a quarter of its product is located. It’s more likely to be in trouble because of the lasting effects of head injuries we don’t as of now completely understand. Honour and integrity carry a lot of weight- let’s save them for when the situation really merits it.

  4. Here’s the thing, in all things very little separates order from absolute chaos. Even when things appear to be random, and chaotic, there is often some semblance of order or discipline, or “normallicy” in the act.
    Ex-situ interference, if allowed (un-punished) is a new order or chaos, in the game, unlike the examples put forth by previous commenter’s.
    They choose not to see this fact, so be it.
    Why not, I ask, just throw a player over the boards at the first sign of a break-away? Have them skate out, get into the play, and get the whistle? It could be easily done.
    Because it would be ex-situ interference, a blatant dis-regard for the integrity of the game that has, to date, been held in check, unlike other horrible acts that have been allowed to proliferate due to a lack of respect for and control over, the game.
    This is my worry, by not penalizing a new form of interference, the league has opened themselves up to an entirely new form of dis-order.
    Feel free to agree, or not.

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