Kyle Tu-Tu, Tu, Tu, Turris!

For those who have followed this team since inception, you’ll get this reference, and understand why, in having reached the post season when many (myself included) thought they would not, is not just reason to celebrate, but reason to remember other great moments in this teams history.

The win over the Islanders was, and will forever be, a great moment in this franchises lore, and Turris, like Steve Duchesne before him, deserves recognition for his great contribution.

The performance of Kyle Turris was nothing short of inspiring.  Here’s a kid who has languished since his draft, been dragged through the mud, traded and faced the challenge of stepping into the NHL weighed down by all of that baggage, on a team, presumably, going nowhere any time soon.

He stepped into a challenging, and demanding number two role, and although not rock-solid in his points total, has provided this team with what it needed, reliable two-way play.  It is no coincidence that Alfie has had such a great year, while paired with Turris.  The evidence of that was impossible to miss once Kyle was forced to put this team on his back…and did, at an incredibly difficult time.

To the victor go the spoils, and Kyle, you deserve a great deal of “spoils” for that performance, including your name in the annuls of Senator lore.



2 Responses to “Kyle Tu-Tu, Tu, Tu, Turris!”

  1. It’s funny because I think of his point totals as not being that great either, but for him personally, isn’t this a career year in goals, points and assists… in half the games? That’s probably quite telling of Pheonix’s mis-management of his development more than anything.

    I’m excited to see what he can do in a full season with his new role. 😀

    • I should also mention… I’m excited to see what he can to IN THE PLAYOFFS with his new role… 🙂

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