Welcome To Game One

For the Senators, game one of the 2011/12 post-season hits the ice tonight.

With seven games remaining in the regular season, and a scant 2 point advantage over their nearest rivals for play-off status, the Sens have no option but to consider the run to the end of the season an ersatz best of seven series.

Win four, go in the door, lose four, go out the door.

I have no idea what is going on with this team, is it fatigue (Alfie looks a step behind, the kids look anaemic), nerves (it’s one thing to win with no pressure, but now there is expectation), or just a plain old down-cycle?

And, at the end of the game, it doesn’t matter…you’ve either won or lost.

So Sens fans, you wanted the post season atmosphere…enjoy.



7 Responses to “Welcome To Game One”

  1. post season atmosphere…enjoy??

    I’m not sure I can handle the stress!

  2. BigSlice Says:

    So far, so good…

  3. One down . . .

  4. BigSlice Says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!
    Playoffs, baby… my wife might not like it, but THE BEARD STARTS NOW!

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