Bishop The Ace

Hello from St Pete beach, sorry for the lack of posts, but frankly…I’ve had better things to do!

Two games, two wins, and now, two great hopes.

Lehner and Bishop, a goaltending depth chart the likes of which this franchise has never seen…and this is without having to anoint them legitimate NHL starters.

To say that this franchise has been without depth at the stopper slot would be a gross understatement.  At best this team could lay claim to moments of goodness, even from their starters, but when evaluated from #1 to #3, this club has been a wasteland.

A wasteland no more.

Anderson has been a star for this club.  He, until his recent brush with digital Seppuku, was the lone hope of this franchise icing competitive goaltending, and he did so in the vast majority of his starts.  When he went down, so did the post-season hopes of many a Senator fan (and most possible some within the club as well).  But then up stepped Lehner, posting some truly impressive wins, steadying the position and solidifying his status as a legitimate NHL goaltender.

But only a fool (i.e. Burke) would rest his hopes, dreams and reputation on the ability of an untested goaltender to backstop his teams late season drive for post season play.

Murray, in his wisdom, knew, even with Lehner in the system, this team needed more.  So he landed Bishop…for a relative song.

I’m not about to bestow heir apparent on either of these two lads, but the fact they both have the pedigree, and drive to make the show, makes for a very bright future.

Some may be lamenting the fact Lehner was sent down, I say think about it this way, if Bishop shows well down the stretch, that second could come back to the Sens in the form of a high first or top prospect.

Murray has been a rock star this past year…an absolute rock star!




One Response to “Bishop The Ace”

  1. Carver55 Says:

    Bishop’s puck handling skills are impressive – from what I’ve seen. His size and quickness will make it hard for opposing teams to get those garbage goals from a scramble in front of the net. Lehner and Bishop both have unique abilities, It would be nice to have a tandem of puck stoppers like that in the future.

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