Young Gones – UPDATE

As I was writing this post Coach inserted Klinkhammer into the line-up ahead of Smith…Hammer is a big bodied, hard working guy with tons of speed and a willingness to score dirty goals, you know, what Smith used to be!

To start the season Ottawa faced the challenge of creating offence.  Many pundits (and myself) wondered, outside of #’s 19, 11 and 9, who would put the puck into the net?

Well, it turned out the offence did come, and not only from the predictable few, but from a broad range of newcomers.  Smith, Condra, Greening all provided the oomph to this teams offensive punch, opening up the ice for the top dogs to provide the finishing touches to wins.

But the prior dazzle has turned into fizzle, and it is now costing this team wins.

The call-up of Lehner has, to date, continued to provide the Sens with winning goaltending, the veterans have continued to score, but now, with the dearth of offence from the Young Guns, games are becoming all too tight.

The Sens should have beaten Chicago the other night…they had the goal tending to do it.  The Young Guns let them down, and if the Sens are going to make the post season, let alone make waves once they get there, the Young Guns have to get back to scoring.

Butler, Greening, Condra and Smith (add Foligno to the mix) have to start hitting the score sheet.  They have the skill to do it, to a man, and we all know they have the desire and work ethic, that’s not the question.  The plan was for these players to improve as the season progressed, unfortunately, the opposite has been true.

Get it going boys, the team needs you.



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