Great Goalie, Lousy Chef.

Well, you can’t expect perfect health, and to date, with the exception of some relatively minor injuries, the Sens have had a great season from a key injury perspective.

With a nasty injury to Anderson though, now the test is on.

I’m not happy for it, but this injury does have a silver lining.  The Sens need to rest Andy, plain and simple, and now he will get his rest, and then some, if the more dire prognosis come to be.  The Sens have also got to get Auld into more games, albeit not 20 (worse case scenario).  And lastly, this will give Lehner a much-needed bump after toiling in a rather desperate situation in Bingo.

This isn’t good, losing your #1, in the middle of a dog fight for a play-off position, but it will provide the team with a challenge and motivation to take the next step…assuming they can.



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