Sens Rumour Wrap

Well I’ve been busy lately, and not able to add any comment to the recent great play of the Sens, but I’ve found some time today to make some contacts, read some messages, and pass along what I’ve gathered since last week, though, not surprisingly, it isn’t much different.

1. Carter is being targeted by Ottawa, this from a western based scout, who claims that Murray is trying to add some size and skill up front.  The problem is that Columbus is considering so many offers, of diverse assets, that they don’t know if they’re coming or going.

Murray doesn’t want to trade picks, or assets, for a rental, he’s been clear on that.  Murray has the cap space to assume Carters contract.  The question is, is he ready to part with one of either Zbad or Silf to get it done?  Rumour has it he is, if Columbus will put a high first in his pocket.

Any deal for Carter might be awaiting what comes of Nash, as it will better define what Columbus needs, and has available to deal (picks, prospects, etc).

But what has been consistent is the talk of Murray’s interest in Carter.

2. Brian Lee is improving his game over game performance, and this provides Murray with some options on the back-end.

A western based source believes Chicago has been very active in trying to land Kuba and the asking price from Murray is very high, rumoured to be a top defensive prospect and a player (rumoured to be Stalberg).

3.  Another one that just won’t go away, Stewart.  Murray wants him, St. Loius doesn’t, but they need something in return or risk looking the fool in his initial acquisition… maybe a 3-way deal with Chicago might make everyone happy.

To CHI – Kuba

To St. Louis – Stalberg

To Ottawa – Stewart & Shawn Lalonde.

But that one comes directly from my fantasy world.



6 Responses to “Sens Rumour Wrap”

  1. If they can get Carter and a first from CLB for Zbad +, here is another fantasy trade, Ottawa trades their first round pick to St. Louis for Stewart.

    Top 6 just exploded. I know just a dream, but since we are dreaming.

    What do you think?

    • Yes, all rumours are “just dreaming”, that is the only way to view them.
      But, to be clear, the 1st would NOT be the CLB 1st, just something they pick-up elsewhere.

      • I agree with you on rumors but I think it is fun to speculate, makes it interesting. Either way if BM could something like that off, he would be the best GM in Senators history.

  2. Looks like Carter’s gone, but here’s a thought…

    If BM can’t get a top line right winger to swap for Butler + pick and/or prospect, he should go after a big, skilled left winger for the second line…

    Philly wants a big D-man in front of the net, so: VAN RIEMSDYK for Carkner, Foligno + 2nd or 3rd pick.

    …or DUBINSKY (I think Murray wanted a package with him for Heatley at one point) for a similar package to the one above.

    Obviously the pick might have to be adjusted to make it fair.

  3. Also either Dustin (Penner or Brown) would be great additions to the top 6!

    I think a roster/role player, a veteran defender, and a 2nd or 3rd pick would be good compensation for either, and wouldn’t mortgage the team’s future.

  4. I’d be willing to give up a 1st for Brown. He is exactly what the Sens need, along with 28 other teams. Just not sure why LA thinks they don’t need him. Hmmmm!

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