Sens Rumour Rundown

For those who want it, here is a summary of recent conversations with league sources regarding the Ottawa Senators activities on the trade front.

1. A western based NHL scout claims Ottawa has remained in contact with Edmonton and Columbus, and speculates the names involved are Sam Gagne and (gulp) Jeff Carter.

2. A western based league employee claims Ottawa has had talks with St. Louis regarding the cost of acquiring Chris Stewart, a pending RFA and current coaches whipping boy.

3. From a Ottawa based source claims that Murray has been listening to offers on defenseman Kuba and Carkner.  Teams reportedly involved are Vancouver, Philadelphia and Edmonton.

4. From a “virtual” source, of unknown pedigree, rumour that Penner is imminently Ottawa bound, in return for Lee.

There you go folks, FWIW (nothing).



3 Responses to “Sens Rumour Rundown”

  1. I may be in the minority but if we don’t do a big splash then I don’t mind bringing in Penner. A big winger for Spezza could be great. Now if they could get Stewart for not much then t
    That’s the guy I would target instead

  2. I wouldn’t do Lee for Penner straight up. Penner only has 6 more points than Lee and has done nothing all season. If we get Penner, it would benefit LA more then us as it would give them the cap space to go out and get an impact player. If this is the trade, Ottawa should be getting a pick from LA for the salary dump Penner is.

    As for the other trades, I say go after Stewart. If it costs Foligno plus, I say go for it.

  3. No way I would trade Lee right now. He has been playing very well. He deserves to be in the lineup more than Carkner right now. I would do the Carkner trade and Konopka if you can get a decent return.. I can’t see both of them here next year…

    Don’t know about trading Kuba… yes you get something for him.. but losing him will affect the Sens drive to the playoffs… He is having a good season. Murray wants to do his best to keep the team competitive… just go with what got you this far.

    If by some miracle they can get rid of Gonchar — then I’d keep Kuba and give him a 1 yr contract for next season IF — no one from Binghamton can fill his spot… or both Carkner & Gonchar are gone..

    As for Penner… no thanks… unless he comes with a 1st or 2nd round pick or a good prospect… If it is a salary dump by LA then they will have to ‘entice’ the Sens with a good package to take him — how about Toffoli? LOL

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