Nature Is Not Human Hearted.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  – Lao Tzu.

It is from this one simple observation that Lao Tzu expresses the right path for the Senators.

The club, and its fans, find themselves enthralled by the flash and hope of trade deadline day, an environment able to seduce the weak-willed into delusions of grandeur, both in terms of their clubs prospects and the ability of certain players.

Rarely, in the cold light of day, do either come to fruition.

Yes we can all point to examples of deadline deals that seemingly put teams and players over the top, leading to the glory of a Stanley Cup victory…but we must always remember only one team won, while many made deals.

I suspect putting the weight of proof on any one action leading up to a Cup win is folly, the true root of success cloaked more in luck, circumstance and player health than any particular asset move.

Winning the cup, after all of the analysis of hind-sight, seemed an obvious outcome for the winning team.  That’s what we humans like to do…find evidence of human ingenuity and greatness at the wheel of destiny.

If only it were that easy.

To my mind, there is only one team to admire and attempt to replicate, the Detroit Red Wings.  They have had success, have been a highly competitive team for nearly a generation, but have always remained focused on doing the hard things while they’re still easy, like developing players through the draft, not the trade deadline or UFA market.

I believe Ottawa would be making a huge mistake attempting to make a splash on deadline day.  Now is the time to see the advantage of doing things right, bolstering ones commitment to the plan.

Yeah, my view may be “boring”…but when creating frivolous excitement becomes more important than winning, you’ve probably just made a huge mistake.



6 Responses to “Nature Is Not Human Hearted.”

  1. I agree GN. This team is not yet a contender… as much as some of would like to believe. The teams that make the big moves will be teams that are either locks for the playoffs, or favoured to win the whole thing (Boston, Vancouver, NYR). I say we let them trade away their draft picks and high-end prospects. This will only mean that while they MAY win the cup this year, they will be hurting their respective teams for years to come, which will coincide with Ottawa’s return to greatness.

    I say we just ride this out… let’s see what the young guys have left in the tank, and try our best to get them a taste of the playoffs. I don’t care if we get destroyed in 4 at the hands of one of the elite teams… these kids need experience, and experience has to be earned, through both winning and losing.

  2. Agree with you 100%. The fact that Murray hired a former Red Wings coach lends support to the fact that we’re attempting to do things the ‘right way’. Stay the course and we’ll continue to enjoy seasons like this one.

    (long time follower, first time commenter)

  3. Too bad the days of yore aren’t back, where you would see talent for talent moving. today, it is usually UFAs moving for picks. boring… And, I agree, not the right move for the Sens. If they can find a cheap addition that would improve the team, ok. but, you may as well get your “ice” pick, and start mining for diamonds. There ain’t much.

    I would much rather see BM go for something like Turris, where he improves the team not just for today, but for the next several seasons. I am a huge Nash fan, and I would support going after him, even at the price it might cost, because here, it would be talent coming in, and talent going out, and maybe prospects that may, or may not work out. Yes, I remember the worlds, where Nash and Spezz lit it up.


  4. welding

    Nature Is Not Human Hearted. | SenSay

  5. […] “Nature Is Not Human Hearted” by  Lao Tzu. […]

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