Andy Saves The Day

The Sens owe Andy a big thanks for saving them from an embarrassing loss in Tampa.

Yes the Sens won, but the scoreboard did far more to reflect the amazing play of Anderson than the stellar play of the skaters.

But let’s not quibble, the team needed a win, by hook or by crook, and they earned one.  Add to this the loss by Toronto and suddenly the Sens find themselves at least even with their provincial rivals, or better.

But, if the Sens want to continue this streak, they’re going to have to play more like they did in the third and less like they did in the second.  They will have to rely on sound defensive hockey, not stellar goaltending.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic for the win…but anyone who watched that game knows Andy stole the show…and the points.



2 Responses to “Andy Saves The Day”

  1. Amazing pad stack save in the first… absolutely brilliant. Andy was dialled in last night, and should DEFINITELY be given the start again tonight, although it’s pretty much a no-brainer at this point.

  2. Andy did what is was need to give the boyz confidence, He was able to keep ’em in it when the momentum shifted.

    The boyz need to stop fluffing their breakout passes, and stop giving other teams chances they shouldn’t get. That causes the running around in their own zone, because thier passing is piss poor right now.

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