All Hands On Deck!

There will be no turn-around in performance until there is a turn-around in confidence.  It really is that simple.

For whatever reason, this team lost its way, began winning games they should have lost, and then, when the ship began to take on water, they panicked, quit bailing, and lowered the lifeboats.

Now this team has to accept the ship hasn’t yet sunk (the Leafs, thankfully, came back down to earth) and find the mental fortitude to get back on board, man the pumps, and right the ship.

I have no idea if they can do it, and that’s the thing with this team, with the exception of few,  nobody really knows what they’re made of, from HC down to 7th dman.

I believe Alfie can get everyone back on board, but I remain unconvinced he can get them to play through the rough weather that is still lashing the good ship Senator.

The Sens deserved the win on Saturday, they played well, but still came out on the losing end.  Like the similar result in Boston, will the Sens scurry back into the life boats, or will they pull together and work the bilge?

We’ll soon find out, for better or worse.


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