Talk Is Cheap.

“making the post season has been the goal since the beginning…”

Well Jason, talk is cheap.

Now make it happen, on the ice.



One Response to “Talk Is Cheap.”

  1. The Sens have been in a funk.. but realistically let’s look at the teams they have lost too during this downturn.

    Ana, LA, Pho, Bos, Isles, Tor, St Louis.

    The Sens have never had any real winning streak on the western road trip for many years.

    The Sens were not going to beat LA, Bos or St. Louis. Those teams are better than the Sens right now.

    Ana & Pho are playing good hockey… The Phoenix game was the 3rd game in 4 nights for the Sens and was the 2nd game in back to back.

    The Sens should have beaten the Isles & Tor… but they didn’t.

    So out of those 7 teams.. only 2 would be winable games for where this team stands right now.

    Toronto gained a lot of points on Ottawa during that stretch… their seven game stretch was: Isles x2, Pitts x2, Ott, Edm, Winn.

    So looking at the 7 games for each team…. who had the more difficult schedule?

    The Sens are in a funk due to all of these losses.. but is some of it due to the fact that was a very difficult 7 game (overall) stretch for this young team… 3 unbeatable teams at any time during the season.. around teams they could have beaten if they had of played better.

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