Pressure Points

If the Sens thought they were in trouble before, well, now they’re really in the deep end.

While every team around them continues to collect points, the Sens begin playing their worst hockey of the season.  With the exception of Anderson, this team has looked inept and out-classed.

Losing skids happen, and anyone who thinks this team was going to be immune was nuts.  Every other team has had one and now it is the Sens turn.  There’s no good or bad time to lose, it just happens, eventually.

The good news is that Ottawa has played well for much of this season, and is able to weather a losing skid.  Had they been on the bubble when the skid started, they would now be out, instead of now being on the bubble.  No, losing isn’t good, but it is inevitable, and can’t be seen as the beginning of the end.

What matters now is that the Sens stop losing.  What’s done is done, there’s no do-overs.  The good has kept them in the hunt, the bad has put them under pressure.  Now is the time to get back to the good.

Just as no team goes 82-0, no team is going to go 0-82, as much as it may feel that way when everything seems to be going wrong.

Buck up boys, suffer through it, know it is only temporary, and get back to your winning ways.

This team is trying to learn how to win, and stumbles are a part of the process.  Look, I’m upset, and I have no doubt everyone in this organization is upset, from owner to trainer, but this isn’t the end f the world.  If this team is going to be legitimate contenders (not this season, no matter what happens) they have to learn how to accept losing as a part of the game…all teams lose.  When the team was on fire I was the first to be cautious in pumping up their tires, and now that they’re down, I’m not about to slash them.

This, in the long run, is a good thing, if it leads to improving this clubs NHL readiness and ability.

Nobody said this season was going to be easy…but we should all be glad  (fan, owner, GM, players, etc) “we” have something to play for.


p.s. Some other losing streaks this season;

CHI 0-4-1,

DET 0-5-1,

PIT 0-6-0,

WSH 0-4-0

It happens, and a lot of other teams have multiple 0-3-0 stints this season…why would the Sens be different?  they weren’t even contenders for the post-season, but, if they respond to this adversity, they will get right back into the hunt.  If they don’t?  It has still been one hell of a great season.   Seems win/win to me.


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