Will The Real Contenders Please Step Forward.

Well Sens fans, this is it.

29 games remaining, and due to their recent terrible play (except vs. Boston, a very good performance) the Sens find themselves without an ounce of cushion supporting their post-season aspirations.

They played hard to get into a post-season battle, then played poorly to put it at risk, and now the chips are down, the pressure is on, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Currently sitting in eighth place in the East (pp%),  slightly behind Toronto, and barely ahead of Washington, Ottawa must treat every game as a must win…and win.

Every loss will be huge, and put the club at risk of allowing those around them to decide their fate.

Every win will put them in a stronger position and apply added pressure to those teams around them in the fight for post-season play.

It was all well and good to ring off points when there was little pressure, and the opposition looked past you on most nights, but now the fun is over, the losing streak has set in, and the real pressure is on.

If this team misses the post season, it will sting, but in the grand scheme of things it will mean little, as just battling for a post season berth makes this season a tremendous success.  They aren’t supposed to be here, in the thick of the top eight, but they are.  They aren’t supposed to have the skill, experience or  mental fortitude to truly compete down the stretch.

But if this club has shown anything to date, it is the ability to overcome adversity, play as a team, and succeed where others have failed (Toronto, Long Island, Edmonton, Winnipeg/Atl, Columbus).

I have serious doubts they can do it…and why wouldn’t I?

I see the same lack of experience and top 6 skill as the “experts”.

I see the same lack of goaltending depth as the “experts”.

I see the same amount of youth on the blueline as the experts.

I see why they shouldn’t make the post-season.

I see all the reasons why this team shouldn’t be where they are.

But, most importantly, beyond any prognostication or speculation, they are in the post season hunt…and that says everything.

Go Sens Go!



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