Well, for all of those trying to put the sting of perceived bias by NHL officials behind them, out comes a horrific example of bias/incompetence out of LA.

For some un-explained reason, while on the power-play, and furiously applying offensive pressure, the clock “paused” just until the puck entered the CLB net, winning the game for the 8th place (p%) LA Kings.

What is worse is that this was not discovered by anyone until Columbus reviewed the game tape.

Now, I ask you, good readers…do you really believe Howson released this information to the media, before the NHL?

Yeah right!

No, something motivated Howson to blow the whistle on this, and expose the NHL’s dirty laundry.

Howson had NOTHING to gain by releasing this information, he knew his club was out of it…so why did he?  The league wasn’t going to give him a point, and his team isn’t going to make the post season.

FWIW, Los Angeles represents the second largest media market in the NHL, behind only NYC.

BTW, all associated officials are direct employees of the NHL, not the Kings, or the arena.

It all may mean nothing…but it sure doesn’t look good.


p.s. Here is Howsons’ take on the matter, which was later removed from the NHL controlled site.

p.p.s. Campbells response to this issue…”Once the game is over, it’s over…”  Seriously?  Just for clarification, when you say over, do you mean the first over, or the second over?  What a joke!


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