No Respect

Once again, by intention, the Ottawa Senators get shafted by the officials.  Now it has become so acceptable, they aren’t even attempting to hide their bias.

The Boston Bruins going a full game without a single penalty call?

Shameful, and that, Senators fans, is why the Sens will miss the post season…because the officials have decided it will be so.

This league has lost control of its officiating by refusing to accept any degree of criticism thrown their way, and now they have a group of petulant, self absorbed incompetents running the show.

Then again, that sounds a hell of a lot like the NHL BOG.



15 Responses to “No Respect”

  1. Pardon mon francais, but it’s utter fucking bullshit. I find myself getting SO angry at the refs during the games that I actually consider just turning the computer off. (I live near Toronto, so I have to stream pretty much ALL the games – thanks Leafs!)

    It’s becoming so obvious, and I’m afraid that there’s virtually nothing that can be done about it. Hopefully, Murray goes apeshit over this, and maybe… just maybe something will get done about it. If not (and I doubt anything will happen) then at least people will start talking about it… and once that happens, then the calls should start to even out.

    • You’ll be happy to know, and I have this on VERY good authority, Murray has gone ape shit…absolute, clothes ripping, can kicking, hair pulling ape shit.
      It won’t do any good because, frankly, the NHL doesn’t need the Ottawa market…but they do need one a little further south, one that is likely to make a BIGGGGG bid for T.V. rights.
      This is a business, like it or not.

      • What kind of action can the Sens take against the league.. for this downright bias by it’s officials against this team.

        Can they do it on ‘collusion’ or something like that?

        Because the league is doing nothing to stop it… only encouraging it by continuing to let O’Rourke do the games.

  2. Every team in the league deserves to be treated fairly in a game. With O’Rourke that is not happening. It is downright bias…. there is no other explanation.

    How can the league, knowingly keep putting him in to refs these games.

    Add to that the ‘quirk’ in the schedule of the Sens playing the Leafs in all 6 games when it is the 2nd game of a back-to-back situation.
    With the Sens expected to be at the bottom of the standings this season — that would give the Leafs 12 easy points.

    Tell me how any computer doing about 2,500 total NHL games over 30 teams with 82 games each.. that one key division rivalry would have games scheduled like this.

    I could see maybe 3 or 4 at most.. but all six? It really makes you wonder if there is something ‘fishy’ going on… doesn’t it?

  3. Serious question. Absolutely 0.000 sarcastic tone to this.

    Do you believe the games are rigged?

    By this I mean, do you believe Gary Bettman or any NHL official got on the blower with O’Rourke before the game and said, ‘This one is going to the Bruins, make it happen.’

    Thats not to say that is the only explanation, should there have actually been a conscious effort. He could have an irrational dislike against Ottawa that has nothing to do with the league.

    Who knows, I didn’t watch the game, so I can’t exactly comment on the specific calls. I do know this though; bad calls or not, its hard to win games when you let in goals from center ice…

    • Simple answer is, no, there is no “direction” from the league, I don’t believe that for one instant.
      But I do believe in human frailty, and greed, and both of these can, and often do, play a role in a persons actions.
      Is it conceivable that O’rourke was pissed about being called out/ Absolutely. From there it is either a massive coincidence that he made several key wrong and non calls in his subsequent work, or that he took out his human frustration on the ice. I have my belief, Fraser has his…but asking any ref to support another as being biased is like asking one thief to trust another thief.
      As for the greed factor, let me ask you this, do you believe the refs don’t think about the financial health of the NHL?
      If you could “massage” an outcome, that favoured your businesses bottom line, wouldn’t you? Would your boss really need to ask you to do this, or would human nature be enough to trust it would happen?
      Big markets pay the bills…don’t piss off big markets. you don’t have to fawn over them, but if it comes down to a close call…meh, what’s a little “massage” here and there, right?
      Combine the two, and you have yourself a strong, albeit circumstantial, case for bias.
      Is that why the Sens lost the last 4 games? Nope…but it sure as hell didn’t help them win them either.

      • I have never seen what I would consider to be nearly conclusive evidence for me to think that the refs do anything but officiate the games to the best of their ability. They make mistakes, and it sucks when it happens to your team, but you know that mistakes go both ways.

        • Of course you don’t, no really, I believe you, 0.00000% sarcasm…you are the only sports fan to ever follow a club but not question a refs bias…bwahahahaha!

  4. This ‘thing’ with O’Rourke started with the Anaheim game with the reason for the non-call on Getzlaf was that Karlsson was a diver.

    McLean made that public when asked the question in the media scrum…

    That’s when many of us fans believe that O’Rourke wanted payback (more or less stated by Pierre McGuire & Garry Galley as well) — hence overlooking obvious penalties on the Sens opponents.

    There is no other reason to explain this downright incompetence. Refs are human — they make mistakes – but he has made too many since in the 3 games he has reffed for the Sens.

    Two obvious penalties not called last night.. I think was the last straw for McLean & Murray. Those called on the Sens were overlooked on the Bruins even with the same infraction.

    There can’t be any other explanation.

    The only way the league would be ‘involved’ in this.. is to let it continue.

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