Getting Cartered Away

Look, this is just crazy talk…there’s nothing to it other than talk, no chatter, no rumour, no nothin’.

Jeff Carter, in Columbus, is like a polar bear in the Amazon…it just doesn’t work.  Nothing against the polar bear, a noble beast if ever there was one, or the Amazon, an absolute world wonder of flora and fauna, but the two simply do not mix.

Carter wants out of CLB (desperately), and CLB wants what they thought they were getting (and didn’t) in Carter, a top six centre.

Well, for the first time ever, the Sens actually have two centres, and some serious depth waiting in the wings.

Does this make Ottawa a potential trade partner with CLB?

Let’s, for shites and gurggles, just look at this for a moment.

Silfverberg, DaCosta, Auld for Carter and Mason.

What CLB does gets out of this are two young, talented, and cheap centres with high growth potential. This for a team not going anywhere, any-time soon.   And they save mega bucks, to boot, and likely secure the coveted #1 pick in the up-coming draft.

Ottawa gains a legitimate scoring centre/winger (or he was, before being traded to CLB, a team he never wanted to play for), capable of playing #1 centre in a pinch, excelling as a #1 winger, or #2 centre, and providing this team with vastly more experience and skill in the top six.  Next Ottawa secures a reliable #2, but at a huge cost of 2.9 against the cap through next season.

The HUGE risk is Carter’s crazy contract, putting Ottawa on the hook for a 5.273M hit through 2021/22.

For Ottawa, this comes down to a few things.

Does Ottawa see Silfverberg in NA next season, and if so, in the NHL?

Does Ottawa see Silfverberg as a #2 or #3 centre?

Does Ottawa see Mika making the NHL next season, or needing time in the A?

Does Ottawa see ZBad as a centre or a winger?

Does Ottawa want to go for it…do it for Alfie, if you will?

The fact is big, experienced and skilled top 6 forwards are very rare on the trade market, and when one becomes available, a team has to take a long hard look, even if doing so upsets the “plan”.  Nobody plans on trading for a Carter, because it rarely happens (although he was traded to Columbus, in a move that shocked everyone).

I believe CLB would make this deal, assuming nothing better comes along, of course.

Would I make this trade, if I were GM?

No…not without the owners consent, and Melnyk just be the man who would pull the trigger on this sort of deal!


ps, there is NOTHING behind this trade talk but idle chit-chat, this is not a rumour, although Carter is apparently on the market, as is Mason…


9 Responses to “Getting Cartered Away”

  1. All Ottawa really gives up in your package is Silfverberg. Both other players are completely expandable. I see where you’re going with Mason, but really it comes down to what Columbus values more…Sens 1st rounder or Mason’s contract off the books. Given the state of that team, my guess is the pick. i t hink anyone trading for Carter will be giving up a 1st and top 6 or prospect. He’s too proven/good for anything less.

    • Yeah but…it’s that contract.
      I totally see what your saying, and you have a tonne of legitimacy to your point, that’s why I said IF CLB doesn’t have a better offer (he has a pending NTC, come July 1st, which he’d waive, but it would potentially complicate things).
      I’m just not sure if they will get a better offer considering Carter’s deal.
      But, like I said, pure spitballing, and yes, Silfverberg is the only player in the deal…would I include the 1st? Eeesh, that would sting! I’d have to really want Carter, long term, and see his acquisition as a strategic get…which, with that deal, I guess it would be!

      • The annual cap hit on that contract is reasonable, but yeah the length is a little scary given what we’ve seen with other long term contracts. They just don’t seem to pan out. I was considering the other offers Cbus might see for Carter, which is another factor for my including the 1st rounder. Like you said, these wingers don’t hit the market often. Where your offer shines is in the fact that Ottawa would be able to absorb Mason’s contract along with Carter’s, and that’s definitely worth something.

  2. Please god no! The details of the trade don’t really matter IMO. I wouldn’t take Carter for free. The only reason I would take Carter from Columbus is if we were dumping a bad contract back on them. That contract is INSANE, I cannot believe Philly managed to get out from under that. It could probably be worse than Gomez.

  3. A couple of things first:

    Is Silfverberg not a winger? I’ve seen many sites where he is listed as both but I thought he was drafted as a winger.

    With that in mind, I see Silfverberg and Zibanejad lining up as wingers for Ottawa in their top 9 as early as next year. Both are smart players and potentially could be impact players in the league.

    For Ottawa, I see only Silfverberg, Z-Bad and Lehner as the only untouchables in terms of prospects. These three are going to help Ottawa get back to the glory days.

    As for Manson added to the deal, how would this affect Lehner’s development? Would another year in the AHL behind a crappy defense improve his skills, or would it crush his confidence? As this year (in the AHL) has shown, even if Lehner stands on his head and stops 40 plus shots, the team can’t win for him.

    I would definitely make a pitch for Carter as I think Sens fans don’t know how much Alfie means to this teams success. When he is gone, it will be a huge hole to fill. But if we could get a player like Carter (even with his huge contract), I think that would help ease the transition for the next wave of Senators.

    In terms of a trade package, here is my two cents:

    If we had to give up our first rounder, I see a package of:

    – 1st, 3rd, Da Costa and Lee and Auld

    If we don’t have to give up our first, I see a package of:

    – Stone, Da Costa, Auld and Puempel (with possibly a conditional 2nd pick in 2013 if we win the Cup)

    I prefer the second package as I am not sold on Stone but I think we can sell high on him.


    • Gerald Norton Says:

      The sell high on Stone has merit…I just suspect CLB will want a player ready to play in the NHL. But this all remains highly speculative, at best, lol.

  4. Silfverberg is a winger.

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