Sens Rumours, Rumbles & Rambles

“Carkner to Vancouver is in the chatter right now, with Raymond going the other way…that’s all I know”

That from a western based pro-scout.  Is it just reaction to Boro’s insertion in the line-up, or a legitimate rumour?  Well, I have no idea, as this has only come from one place (but a well-informed one), but there has been a ton of talk about Vancouver needing more toughness, and to get it in the form of a steady defenceman…makes sense for them.  As for Ottawa, well, they’re OK on defence, with Lee and *maybe* Boro…seems a pretty big gamble for Ottawa if they have real post season aspirations, you simply cannot have to many defencemen.  Spoke to a few people on this (none had heard it)…they all thought it made sense if the Sens plan on getting Boro some NHL/post-season experience.

Is Boro the “new” Rundblad, albeit an entirely different player, ready to skate a regular shift in the NHL?  Is Carks expendable (he has only 3 fighting majors this season)?

Or is this total BS?

Roy, Ruutu, or Brassard?  All three have been linked to trade rumours with Ottawa, and all three have legitimate top 6 ability.

Who would you rather, and what would you be willing to move in return?



8 Responses to “Sens Rumours, Rumbles & Rambles”

  1. I’d love to have Brassard. Or even Ruutu.

    As for what goes back the other way, I don’t know. Da Costa, and a mid round pick? Is Regin even an option anymore? I wouldn’t be willing to give up Zbad or a roster guy like Foligno or ZSmith… I think it would mess with the team chemistry too much.

    I just don’t knwo if a package like that would get it done.

  2. Carkner for Raymond in a heartbeat. I’d imagine that a pick or prospect would probably be going to Vancouver as well. This just shores up Ottawa on the top six and gives them a scorer with wheels. Speed and youth are everything right now for Ottawa, and Raymond could be a genuine piece now and in the future. I can just see him on Spezza’s wing…

    In answer to which of the three amigos I would trade for, I think if you’re looking for scoring and largest potential, I think you have to go for Roy. Excellent special units play and speed to burn: the only dilemma would be whether to play him at centre or wing. I like him on Spezza’s wing, but I can also see him being the 2LC and Turris possibly taking a wing position…Now the cost I would predict to be a little bit higher for Roy, as opposed to Brassard or Ruutu, in the range of 2nd to 1st round pick plus prospect, roster player.

    I think if you’re looking for a safe bet, alternatively, Tuomo Ruutu would be positive addition. He’s good, gritty, two way guy who could work the front of the net . He would be excellent as a shut down guy on the third line; very intimidating and tough SOBs to play against. Can you imagine lining up against Neil, Smith, and Ruutu…scary

    • Why on earth would anyone contemplate moving Turris from the 2C position? He’s not even close to mid-season form yet and is looking to be the best 2C the Sens have ever had. The Sens are set at C for the foreseeable future. Whoever comes in will be a young natural winger, who can play in the top 6. Of the 3 mantioned, Brassard fits that bill.

  3. Carkner for Raymond? That is total BS. For a second, consider being in the shoes of the Canucks- how is your young, albeit inconsistent, scoring winger anything you would trade in a deal for a veteran 5/6 guy who broke into the league two years ago? Please. He’ll be a UFA, and if Ottawa doesn’t retain him, they’d go get him. But they wouldn’t give up Mason Raymond, or anyone of his skill or potential. Ever.

  4. Please don’t take the following rant personally, it is primarily directed at your source.

    The 7th best defensive team is going to punch a hole in their top 9 for the #6 defensemen on the 27th best defensive team?

    I don’t know who you got that rumor from, but whoever they are clearly think Vancouver’s #8 spot on the defensive depth chart is pretty weak. Andrew Alberts is a tough, physical specimen in the mold of Carkner. If Carkner was added, chances are he wouldn’t play. I have no idea who your source is, but you may want to look into his/her specific connection to either team, because that sounds distinctly made up.

    I know your just posting what you hear, but in your heart of hearts, you cannot possibly believe that is a possibility. The idea that either side has discussed it I am sure the idea of being able to unload a depth defensemen/enforcer for a youngish top 9 speedster capable of 25 goals has never even crossed Murray’s mind. And to be fair, has it really crossed yours? When was the last time a team traded a young, skilled guy for a defensemen they essentially already have, and still don’t play?

    I wish Gillies were that dumb. I could deal with a Komisarek for Kesler trade…

    • Oops.

      “The idea that either side has discussed it is nuts.”

    • Well, like you said just passing it along. As for Komi for Kesler…lol, Komi can barely hold his own in TO, for a brutal contract…he has negative value on the trade market.

  5. The sens should take Brian Lee behind the shed.

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