Sens Plot Regicide

And no, not of King Karlsson, but no doubt Anderson had thoughts of it…

Well, we all knew that was coming…eventually.

I’m not sure if it is good or bad, the fact the Sens could just as easily have won that game.  Apart from some solid goaltending on the Ducks part, and some hideous brain camps on Karlsson’s, that game was ripe for the picking.

But no team goes 82-0, and if the Sens can use the loss to get their heads back down to earth, and re-enforce the need to make the most of every opportunity, then the loss was well worth taking.

Fortunately Toronto lost as well, thus not gaining any ground on the Sens.  Right now it looks like the dog fight in the East will be between Toronto, Florida and Winnipeg, but with a young roster like Ottawa’s, a major set-back is not out of the picture, making any increased compression in the top 10 worrying.

Tonight will see the final game in the California portion of the road swing, with a 10:30 match-up in LA. With only 4 wins in their last ten games, of which 6 have gone to extra time, the Kings are struggling right now, but still find themselves in a post-season position.

The Kings, for the first time in years, made some big moves this off-season, believing they were finally within reach of making post-season waves but, as is so often  the case, the moves seemed to hurt more than help, and the team is desperate to remain in the play-off hunt despite their below average play of late.

The Kings are better on the road than at home, and the Sens are licking their wounds after a loss…I call this one a win for Ottawa, but only if they bring their A game, neither team has a decided edge in this one, and effort will likely be the final decider on who gets the ‘W’.



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