O.C. Desperation.

At 6-3-1, in their last ten games, Anaheim is starting to get on a roll and playing like the team many pre-season prognosticators predicted they would be.

Yes Anaheim currently sits in twenty-seventh position, but they’ve also scored 39 goals in their last 10 GP, for an average of 3.9 GF/G…that’s very impressive, especially when you consider there were only  two games with 6 or more GF in that data set.  Over the last 5 GP, the Ducks have potted 31 goals!

Even more worryingly, of late, the Ducks have been very, very stingy, allowing only seven goals against in their last 5 games played, for a GA/G average of 1.40.

To judge tonight’s Anaheim team against their season totals, instead of their short-term totals, would be a mistake.  This team appears to have turned the corner, and will no doubt have Ottawa in its sights come the drop of the puck.

This is the time of year when some teams are playing desperate hockey, and with only 39 points, for thirteenth in the West, Anaheim knows they’re out of the post season hunt if they don’t win a lot, and fast.  Anaheim has been playing with desperation of late, and winning…expect more of the same tonight.

If Sens want to get on their California roll, they’ll have to be sure to not get caught California Dreaming…or find themselves facing a sleepless night in Hotel California.


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2 Responses to “O.C. Desperation.”

  1. GN:

    The SENs after surviving the intial “Ducking” shall soar like an Eagle!

    • Gerald Norton Says:

      No, I think they’re losing this one, as much as it pains me to say it. But (I predict), like the loss to Winni, it will straighten them out after getting swelled heads.
      Hope I’m wrong…we’ll see soon enough.

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