Special Of The Week – California Roll

The BoroCop picked a good game to get his first NHL start.  In what may have been the Sens best performance of the season, against the equally hot SJ Sharks, Boro got to experience life in the NHL at the peak of its regular season glory…a hot streak.

Now the Sens hope to continue the roll when they shift to Anaheim, a recently surging team in their own right, before closing out their California swing in La, la land.

Can this mixed bag of upstarts and vets keep it going, through an increasingly challenging point in the regular season…who knows, and that sums up this team…who knows?

Who knows who will be the hero of the night, with Greening being the most recent appointee, due to an impressive 2 goal performance.

Who knows how the young players will perform, with Mark Borowiecky being the most recent surprise, posting a very solid 13 minutes in his first ever NHL game, and not looking at all out-of-place or over-whelmed by the highly skilled Sharks team he faced.

Who knows what the future holds, because nobody expected the team to be where they are now.

Who knew and who knows, but what is for certain is that this team is one hell of a blast to watch, and their game-in, game-out enthusiasm is a massive improvement over the head hanging doldrums of seasons past.

Onwards and upwards boys.



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