Sens Continue To Ride The Wave

As the Sens find themselves on the left coast, I guess it’s only right to dust off the surfing lingo.

That game against Toronto was gnarly, dude.

The Sens found themselves stuck on flat water while the opposition saw wave after wave, but couldn’t seem to get on their boards.  Chance after chance but, except for two quick goals, the Leafs couldn’t catch a break, no matter how hard they paddled.

Then, with only a minute remaining, the Sens get an ankle buster but ride it into the first intermission, only down by one.

It was much the same in the second, but even worse for the Leafs, with glorious swell after swell, all for naught…and a bogus call, if you listen to the Leafs fans, leaving it all tied up after two.

The third finally saw some steady waves for the Sens, and as has so often been the case, they rode them to the victory, winning three-two.

Ahh, there’s nothing like giving the Leafs a sand-facial!

But, the Sens have got to stop hanging ten…or one of these waves are going to make them eat it.

So yeah, the Sens have been Gnarlatious bra, but if they want to get back home with some points in their doggers, they’d better start hitting the waves from the beginning, or risk finding themselves selling Buicks come April.



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5 Responses to “Sens Continue To Ride The Wave”

  1. LOL… well said, GN!

  2. Silly Leaf fans. Don’t they know that its only bogus if it happens against Ottawa?

    I find it the tiniest bit hypocritical that you call out Leaf fans for disliking a call, when you have complained about calls going against the Sens on quite a few occasions.

    Now the damage is done, so debating about how it could have changed the game is trivial. I just find it a bit funny that as soon as the calls start going for the Sens you hop up on your high horse and talk down to those who dispute it.

    Personally, I never complain about the refs calls, as I do not believe the game to be rigged, and that while they make mistakes, over a long season they are bound to even out.

    • Hey Greg…touchy?
      It was tongue in cheek, relax and have a tea.
      Look, the Leafs lost, and that call on Phaneuf was perfectly reasonable, and might just as easily have been a 2 for instigating and 2 for instigating with a visor, and a 10 minute misconduct.
      I’ll let it slip though since you’re obviously sore that your Leafs got beaten by the Sens (again), and look to be missing the post season (again), lol.

      • I am not going to make any excuses for my team. Yeah I am frustrated, but to be honest they are not far off from where I, and most people, expected them to be. They still are young, and have holes.

        I just find it funny that you adopt this dismissive attitude about frustration with officiating, when a similar situation for the Sens would undoubtably warrant an entire blog devoted to terrible officiating.

        • First off, I said Leaf fans were upset with the call…I made no judgement about the call, so how could I dismiss it?
          You’re being wayyyy over sensitive pal, you might want to consider a new source of entertainment because your obvious neediness, and the Leafs losing ways, seem to be a match made in hell.
          Here’s an idea, follow the Sens, were all having a blast!
          BTW, thanks for trolling, we need a mascot around here to spice things up, lol!
          Talk to you soon Troller Maple Leaf.

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