Off Topic – SOPA Opera.

This post has nothing to do with blogging about hockey…or does it?

As a blogger, who functions in a nefarious region of cyber-space, spouting cyber rumours and opinions, while comfortably ensconced within a teflon suit of anonymity, who am I to question copyright law…right?


I question it not because it profits me by attempting to curtail or strengthen its status (hey, I don’t charge you to read my meandering thoughts), from a bloggers perspective, as I have no dog in this fight.

But as a rabid user of the internet, and a staunch supporter of fact based thinking, the mere thought of stifling access to quality information is frightening.

Without getting political, look no further than the Northern Gateway Pipeline issue currently making the rounds in Canadian media.  I’m neither for nor against it, I’m still trying to determine for myself which side I fall on.  But that’s the point, unlike in times past (no so very long ago), I can easily, through the power of the internet, discover the facts surrounding this issue.  I do not need to rely upon the generic and entirely fact exclusive conclusions of either side, government/industry, or the environmentalists.

Both sides in this issue are quick to provide grand conclusions, supposedly based upon facts…but as has always been the case, never actually show their work, and how they came to these conclusions, the very ones they want us to accept as valid and reliable.

To do anything to stifle the ability of citizens to access, analyse and draw conclusions, from fact, is to tarnish one of the greatest abilities of mankind, to reason.

So, like with the pipeline, I’m not sure what the specific solution/answer is regarding intellectual property rights, but I do know anything that attempts to prevent people from examining the facts around an issue, is often good for the few, but bad for the many.

We know that ideas are organic, and the greatest achievements of all time have been the result of meta thinking, not insular thought…so is not the sharing of ideas the most effective means of creating more, and better ideas?

Yes people need to be paid for their efforts, but not everything is about money alone, because if it were, well, how sad would that be?



4 Responses to “Off Topic – SOPA Opera.”

  1. The sheep’s clothing is the copyright law, the wolf is the control of information. One of the world’s greatest creators and users of propaganda is the so called free world. Invade a country under the auspices of weapons of mass destruction, create laws that infringe on every basic human right because of a terrorist act that was planned outside of the borders of freedom vs the home grown mid-western type. In fact because of your post I promise you that you are now on someones List! The persons in power want to stay that way; therefore they need to control the information. Ah hell what’s a person to do – I’m going for the brewsky route. I like your thought process.

  2. how about the scotch route? 🙂

  3. Gerald Norton Says:

    If I stand any hope of making it to 1:30 I’ll have to skip the adult beverages.
    Yes, control of the information is critical, as is obfuscation, which is the current modus operandi…i.e. fox news, love it or hate it, there’s no doubt it isn’t journalism.
    This is what makes free access to facts so important, so we can separate the wheat from the chaff, and not let others try and do it (to their benefit) for us.
    Conservative/Liberal/NDP, whatever, we all need good information upon which to base our opinions, not rhetoric/spin.

  4. Questo non è logico

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