What’s In A Name?

Re-build, Re-Tool, Re-Energize.

Pick one, it doesn’t matter what you call it, all that matters is what it nets.

As it stands the trading of Kelly, Fisher, Kovalev and Rundblad has resulted in the addition of just Turris.  Not exactly the Philadelphia model, where you move NHL assets for other NHL assets, leading to a new team, and improved results.  Well, except for the results part.

I have little doubt this team is surprising even the GM, despite his assertions that he expected a decent season.  And this has no doubt led to a re-thinking of the plan, no matter what you call it.

All indications are the Senators remain committed to building through young assets and the draft, not trades for veteran players or the signing of ageing UFA’s, and that is laudable, but when a competitive group gets a free shot, you know they’re going to take it.

And that’s what this season has turned into, a free shot a t the post-season, and as the thinking goes, once you make the post season, anything can happen.  The Lightning had a free shot last season, and darn near made it to the finals…no doubt this is close to the top of mind for both Murray and Melnyk, competitive guys.

But is it possible to remain committed to building through prospects and the draft, while still enhancing a surprisingly competitive team?

Yes, but it is a task that will require extreme focus, and at times, a difficult commitment to the original plan, even when other seemingly opportunistic trades present themselves.

A good example is the Turris trade.  The Senators were able to satisfy a need for the present (2nd line centre), but not jeopardize the future of the club, due to Kyle’s age and contract status (RFA in 2013/14) without overly impacting the future (although I still lament the 2nd rounder…).

If Murray and Melnyk are going to try to walk this tight rope between the now and the future, it will require trades for younger assets, that fit specific franchise needs, now and in the future, without sacrificing all of the teams picks and secondary/positional depth prospects.

Call it what you like, but for sure it will be difficult to pull off…withiut succumbing to the temptation to mortgage the future.

Like the Senators, consider this trade deadline a mid-term exam for management…have they learned their lessons?




6 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Talk about a high stress job ( As far as running a sports team goes.). I can’t imagine that I would get any sleep trying to decide if/when I should tinker with my presently successful team in hopes of rolling the dice on a whiff of a Cup appearance. Hats off to the guys that make those decisions. My arm chair doesn’t have a burner underneath it like some chairs do.
    So my, relatively, stress free actions would be to sit tight and see if the lads have what it takes in the next few weeks before I would even consider a trade. If the Winnipeg game repeats its self again then I would have to say no point. If we lose a few close ones because we were beaten by a better team then the decision becomes so much harder. I think at that point Murray needs to call in the astrologers, groundhogs, Mediums and the SensSay (of course) to figure out what to do.
    This is why I get paid the big bucks!

    • Gerald Norton Says:

      For me any move would have to be a move that makes the team better long term, with short term impact, a la Turris.
      Any sort of “rental” would be foolish, IMO, at this point in the process, and unlikely to have sufficient impact to make the move worthwhile from a post season perspective.

  2. Why lament the 2nd rounder? At this point the team needs quality, not quantity. I don’t see how anyone who watches the same games as I do can honestly say a 2nd rounder really tipped the scales in PHX’s favour. 2nd line centers don’t grow on trees, as we all know in Ottawa. We moved assets and got a more than solid, 2LC, who looks like he has the skills to transition into a 1LC or 1(b)LC down the road as Jason ages. I really enjoy your hockey analysis but I really think it’s time to let this one go. Appreciate the quality work you do GN. Nice to see a Senators blogger who can actually write!

    • Gerald Norton Says:

      Like a dog with a bone I guess, lol! I just can’t help feeling the player for player was fair…but I’m pleased nonetheless.
      Thanks Tim.

      • Like most potential for potential moves, this one cannot be judged until several years later when both players have peaked and we can truly evaluate the trade. I must say, for a future investment, one man is playing in the AHL and the other just scored a GWG against the provincial rivals and played one less shift than the Right Honourable Jason Spezza. If a second round pick is going to make or break this trade, then we’re in more trouble than the standings let on. Let there be more of the same. In the past, we’ve traded picks for less return, so lets just agree that at least it was not a first going the other way. And in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the Shroud of Turris and keep piling up wins and let DR7 enjoy finding his game in the A.

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