Trade Winds Blowing In Sens Land?

With Carolina well out of the post season, the clubs GM has turned his towards next season.  Opposing GM’s, at least those still in a Cup hunt, have turned their eyes towards the Hurricanes roster…including Bryan Murray.

Rumour has it that Tuomo Ruutu has drawn the attention of the Sens.  As a rugged, physical LW/C, Ruutu could bring an added dimension to the top six, along with some skill and experience.

The expected cost is a pick or prospect…depending upon each, this could either be a real possible deal, or an absolute dead-end.

Ruutu no doubt has some positive insight on the Sens, through his brother, former Sens Jarkko, possibly easing a deal, should one (actually) be in the works.



3 Responses to “Trade Winds Blowing In Sens Land?”

  1. This seems reasonable and logical. Rutherford, and BM have been good trading partners in the past. TR is a solid player whom is always a threat as far as I remember watching him play.


  2. Johnny_Spectacular Says:

    I’ve got nothing but love for the Ruutu family, and would love to see another on the roster.

    • Johnny_Spectacular Says:

      Also, his brother (Mikku? something like that) works for us as a scout, so that’s another source of insight for him.

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