Bright Lights, Big Challenge

I love NYC.

For anyone who has been there (that is into urban settings), they know what I’m talking about.  It is a city unlike any other, and trust me, I’ve seen enough of them around the world to say this.

It’s not the best city in the world (IMO) , but it is a massively enjoyable city to visit, explore, and experience.  If you haven’t been, do go, you’ll love it.

I’m hoping the Sens love it too, all of it, not just the parts outside of MSG.

After feasting on the defenseless Penguins (and wow, what a great job, exactly what a legitimately good team is expected to do), the Sens now face a big test in matching up against the number one team in the NHL, the NYR.

Like the Sens, the Rangers are a bit of a surprise this season.  Most expected them to do well, but nobody had them pegged as likely to be the best (P%) team in the NHL, come mid-season rankings.  But, like the Sens and their surprising record, the Rangers have earned theirs, and have to be considered the best team in the league.

Statistically speaking, the Sens should not win this game, as they are sub 0.500 when facing teams above them in the standing, while on the road.  But that’s just a number, based upon the past, and the Sens have to do what they have been doing all season, bucking the predictions.

If the Sens play their best game, they can match-up against any team in the NHL.  They may not win, but they will force the opposition to earn their W.  Tonight the Sens have to play their best game if they expect to earn points, and they really should do their best to steal one or two, as most of the next 10 games represent difficult situations, making every opportunity to earn points one to be exploited.

Right now the Sens sit comfortably wedged into a post-season position, but with 38 games remaining, they are hell and gone from a lock.  No doubt MacLean is reminding them of this at every opportunity, but let’s see if it has sunk in, or if they let their recent solid record, and current place in the standings, lull them into complacency.

The Rangers will smack some sense into them if they do take the night off…and maybe, in a game that they’re not expected to win, a good ass whoopin’ would prove to be as good as stealing two points, in the long run.

Given my druthers, I’d love to see a 4-3 win for the Sens, born of hard work and stellar play, by both sides…this, to me, provides the best growing opportunity for this young team.

And, who knows with this team, they might just pull it off, statistics be damned.


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2 Responses to “Bright Lights, Big Challenge”

  1. GN:
    Only John Tortorella and I know that we are the better team and he ain’t tellin’ anyone!

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