A Penguin In The Hand…

…can make one hell of a mess.

Tonight is a(nother) big game.  Funny how, in the 3 point NHL, every game is important…all the more so if you’re in the thick of the post season hunt.

In some ways this situation actually benefits the club.  When you’re trying to build a winning attitude, based upon solid effort and team play, it really helps if there is something to play for on a nightly basis.  Instead of the season turning into one big open practice, had the Sens been well out of it at this point, now the players are being challenged on a nightly basis, and know their mistakes, or successes will result in wins or losses, that matter.

As well, if the Sens should make the post-season, this heightened state of alert will have them prepared to play the “all or nothing” style that the post season demands.

And tonight will certainly require a strong effort to earn some much-needed points.  The Pens are in a desperate situation, while being mired in a post season battle, and limping due to critical injuries (Staal, Letang, Crosby, Martin? and although he’s playing, Neal).

The Sens, on the other hand, after facing the Flyers back to back, and earning 3 of a possible 4 points, are feeling pretty good about themselves.  MacLean has to nip this in the bud.  If the Sens take this game lightly, or rest on their past glory, they’re going to get trashed.

Tonight has all the earmarks of a pending loss…the Sens are currently riding a lucky streak, with 4 OT wins in the last 8 games, of which 6 have gone to OT.  The Sens are riding high after beating the Flyers.  The Pens are in a desperation situation, and playing at home.

If the Sens pull out a win or tie tonight, it will be a major achievement, and show that this team is able to remain focused on the task at hand, and bring their ‘A’ game when pressed to do so.

If they lose, well, then they lose, and hopefully learn a valuable lesson, being you haven’t achieved anything, and nobody is going to give you an ounce of respect if you don’t earn it, game in, game out.

Give ’em hell boys.



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