Sens Rumour Wrap

The talk is increasing, as is the chatter, regarding trades.

Ottawa remains involved, albeit peripherally, on a number of fronts.

A solid source claims Ottawa is involved in discussions with Anaheim, but to pull of a trade would require a major shift in assets…something Murray is unlikely to do.

Also, according to the same source, Ottawa remains involved in talk in pursuit of Derick Brassard, still.  Talk is Ottawa wants Brassard, Columbus wants to trade him, but the price is not right, with Columbus believing Brassard will garner a bigger return than that offered by Ottawa come trade deadline time…I doubt it, both Ottawa’s serious involvement or Brassard’s value increasing as the deadline nears.  If Washington wants a blueliner, it’s going to have to be Gonchar, because there’s no way Murray is handing them Kuba, and then having it cost them a post season berth.

Another player beginning to garner looks is Kuba, with calls from EDM, WSH, and BUF.  Unless the return is one with legitimate long-term upside, I don’t see it happening until closer to the deadline…that being said, I believe Kuba will be dealt at or near the deadline, because I believe Murray has not taken his eye of the prize…the Stanley Cup.

That’s it, not much, and certainly nothing to take to the bank, but for you rumour hounds, as always, it is what it is.


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6 Responses to “Sens Rumour Wrap”

  1. worsteverything Says:

    I know its just a rumour but why would Ottawa be interested in Brassard at this point now that theyve acquired the cheaper, younger and fitter Kyle Turris? So he can replace the much, much more suited to third line centre Zack Smith? I understand the pedigree (and price tag) is much different but with Regin and Winchester on the IR and Konopka doing well at fourth and all of those guys on one ways I find this all very hard to wrap my giant, giant head around.

  2. I’m sure if it comes right down to it and Columbus becomes desperate to dump the contract, then Murray should be right in there looking to make a deal and they can figure out roster spots later. Like Turris, Brassard is a young and highly touted talent who needs to get out of a toxic environment. The kid was racking up awards until Columbus drafted him….like Filatov, Mason and Brule before him. The question is if he’s to Colubuwrecked to fix.

    • The thinking is, supposedly, that adding top 6 depth, if the price is right, is never a bad move. With Condra and Greening playing top 6 minutes, it’s pretty obvious this team has yet to complete the top 6, no offense to Condra or Greening who have been great this year, but would be best served playing 3rd line minutes, IMO. Also, Brassy can be impactful on the wing or at centre (theoretically).
      I’m not saying I buy this rumour, but picture this;

      Greening – Spezza – Michalek
      Brassard – Turris – Alfredsson
      Foligno – Smith – Neil
      Konopka – Winchester – Condra

      Now tell me the Sens wouldn’t be a more competitive team with Brassard on the second line.

      p.s. no, I didn’t forget Butler 😉

    • How did you not write Columbust?

  3. worsteverything Says:

    I would not could not for a beer
    I would not could not, 3.2 M per year

    I would not could not take on this wein
    I would not could not through 2014

    Peter Regin’s already our man
    if a centre with a wonky shoulder is our plan

    I do not like Blue Jackets runoff man
    i do not like this Silferbanijad I am

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