Sens Continue To Surprise



I don’t try to be pessimistic.  I try to be pragmatic.  I am a huge fan of this team, but I do my best to maintain a reasonable outlook regarding this teams prospects.

But this team makes being anything; pessimistic, optimistic or pragmatic, a fool’s errand.

This team frequently leaves its opponents as confused as its fans…albeit far less impressed.

If anyone was asked to watch that game, but the play went black for every shot on net, the was asked to determine who won…nobody would say the Sens.

But they did, by a handsome margin of 2 goals.

Next, if you were to examine the stats, all but the win/loss/points column, and it would be near impossible to suggest they would rank in the top 8, let alone 6.

But they are, with a healthy cushion vis-a-vis within the top eight.

The only explanation is efficiency.  This team is highly efficient, able to secure wins with-out posting the usual numbers, without needing to rely upon the officials.  No, this team is not elite, they do not dominate their opposition, but they do beat them, regularly, and at the end of the day, as far as the regular season goes, one is as good as the other.

The question is, when you play in so many close games, when is the other side of the coin going to start turning up?  Because the law of averages says it will.

So I say good for you boys, you deserve everything you get, because you earn it, but if you really want to take the next step (and maybe they’re not there yet, to be fair) you will start to win games from the drop of the puck, not the start of the third.

But, my track record in providing predictions about this teams performance is about as good as this teams first periods…so what do I know?

I know that the Sens are in 6th in the east (P%), and that’s a pleasant surprise, pragmatic or not.


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3 Responses to “Sens Continue To Surprise”

  1. I think that the law of averages showed up versus Montreal a little while ago. And if it takes a blow-out every now and again to allow them to win the next few tight games . . . well . . . okay. But next time, not against Montreal or Toronto, and especially not at home.

  2. Law of averages be damned. Attitude, hard work and team play. When put together in the right proportions and mixed appropriately the result is a dish called the Ottawa Senators. The simple truth is that these guys play to win – as simple as that. It’s 4 – 2 let’s make it 4 – 3 and so on. The other team is usually expecting the Sens to go away in the 3rd, not pumping more iron. I have dreamed of a team like this for years and here it is. My hats off to the lads. Proud of the way you play!

    • Completely agree on your opinion about the Sens and their great attitudes and effort, but there are two teams on the ice…eventually the other is going to stuff the comeback.
      I’d like to see this team play more games like the recent one versus TB. When they do, then I’ll believe the post season is a legit possibility.
      ps – I would love nothing more than seeing this team make the post season…well, winning the Cub would be pretty decent too, I guess, lol!

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