rEf’ing Disgusting, Eh Torts?

Well, that was one hell of a performance.

Too bad Torts wasn’t available for the post game scrum after that Philly game.

But, as far as what matters, the performance of the Senators, that was even better than I had hoped, and the single point was a least some small reward for a great effort..

The team played hard, battled on every shift, and had it not been for some bad luck (both from the Gods and the Refs) the Sens would have won that game…they deserved to.

Today sees the rematch, and I still have no illusions that the Sens will win, but if they can play as well as they did yesterday, I will be very happy.

I also hope the officiating gets better.  I had no problems with the calls against the Sens, even the wrong ones (Foligno), they happen , what frustrates me to no end are the non calls on the other side.  That is why this team has such a bad powerplay +/-.  They do not get calls for, but are frequently called against for the exact same infraction (Turris goaltender interferrence…uhm, did they miss Briere throwing himself on top of Anderson in an identical play, or the multiple pile-ons he endured after whistles?).  But, at the end of the day, that is the game, it is about who you know, and how important ypur market is to the bottom line of the NHL.  It’s called business, and business is about making money, full stop.

Was I mad at the loss yesterday?  Sure (all the more so for the officiating), but, at the end of the day, this is about building a good team, and if, as MacLean says, this is still just the foundation, well, game after game, its gets wider and wider.

Here’s to another solid game tonight, and another brick in the wall!



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