Forty-Eight Hour You’re In Test.

Well, this is it, either the building of serious ice cred, or the smashing of present day puffery.

Two back to back dates with the surging Flyers, in forty-eight hours, home at home.  This will no doubt separate the men from the boys, the legit post season contenders from the posers.

I’m not expecting the Sens to win either game.  Why should I, apart from fan induced mania?  The Flyers are the better team, there’s no shame in admitting that.  In fact, there is more to be gained in admitting it than trying to deny it.

But, even if the Sens do lose both of these games, I do not see this as dashing their post season hopes, or even sullying their good deeds to date.  No, if the Sens can come out of both matches after having posted competitive efforts, and having forced their opponent to beat them, they will have won.  Good teams always leave their opponent feeling like they had to earn their win, that is what I expect of the Senators from this home and home series.

If, however, the Sens get used by the Flyers, like Calgary got bought and sold by the Bruins, then we’ll know this mid-season record is just taking the piss.

Give ’em hell boys, like I know you can.



7 Responses to “Forty-Eight Hour You’re In Test.”

  1. Fan induced mania has gotten me through the past few seasons with this team!

    I can honestly see the teams splitting these games, with the home team picking up the points in each one. I can only hope for an O/T loss in Philly and a clean win @ SBP.

    I haven’t disliked a team because of its fans since last year’s cup final, and the annual hatred of everything Canadiens. Did you see the YouTube vid of the Flyers’ fans beating the crap out of the US Marine / Off-cuty cop after the Winter Classic? Brutal.

    • So far, so good…

    • A scum-bag team in a scum-bag city. Philly sports fans are lower than dirt.

      • Maybe we’ll get the home calls tonight. Last night was disgusting to watch.

        Seriously… 36 more minutes of PP time for a dirty, sneaky team like Philly? It’s B.S. – I almost had to turn the game off. This one was decided before they even took to the ice.

        • My wife refuses to accept the refs “decide” games. Her reasoning is rock solid…why watch if you believe it is fixed?
          can’t argue with that, but, it is becoming increasingly difficult to think otherwise, and last night, even she said it was getting to her.
          And trust me, if she can put up with my BS, she has a very, very high BS threshold, lol!

          • Funny enough, my wife has asked me the same question before. “It’s like you already know they’re going to lose, and it will be because of penalties. Why bother?”

            Personally, I think it’s a polite way of saying “stop talking about hockey, please” but then again, she’s a very polite woman.

            We BETTER get some home calls today, because I felt like puking after watching that joke of a game yesterday. A game we should have won… WOULD have won, if not for the ridiculous number of penalties called against us. I agree… we deserved some (if not most) of them, but NOT all of them. And Philly deserved just as many.

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