Half-Way There? Not Even Close.

For the first time this season, the Sens are in a post season position, based upon P% (7th in the East).  But does that mean the team of the future has arrived?

According to coach MacLean, no…and I’d tend to agree.

There will be articles aplenty praising the Senators for their impressive mid-season record, and rightly so, but for those of us looking for real legitimacy, the great early jump-start provides little more than increased hope for the future, not a feeling of contentment.

And this is the very situation MacLean is trying to warn of, contentment…not from the fans, rather, from the roster.

MacLean has just arrived from a franchise steeped in success, a success born in never taking anything for granted, or becoming too caught up in their own press clippings.  It is not simply great drafting that has seen Detroit un-cover gem after gem in the latter rounds, it’s a commitment to hard-work, team play, and doing your job, night-in, night-out.  We’re seeing some of the same here, some.  Condra, Smith, Foligno, Greening and Daugavins are examples of guys that, just a season ago, were considered, for some, bubble NHL’ers, for others, at best, 3rd/4th line pluggers.

But there’s more to be done if this team wants to actually be considered as good as their present record.   The most worrying stats are related to defensive play.  SA/G are equal to SF/G (31.6), that’s worrying.  GF/G are 9 fewer, or 0.27/G, than GA/G, that’s worrying.  W%, after scoring first, at 0.600, is a 21st place position in the NHL, that’s worrying.

I’m loving this team this year, and I truly believe this good start is a reflection of good habits, BUT, as MacLeans says, this is a long way from where the team needs to be to reach the clubs lofty expectations.

Great work Sens, you deserve a lot of accolades for your successes to date, but, you’ve accomplished nothing, and don’t forget that for an instant, or risk losing all you’ve gained.


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