Trade Talk…or Mumbles, As It Is.

To be honest, there’s very little trade talk these days apart from speculation and media proposals, but that isn’t to say the Sens have been entirely quiet, according to sources.

Surprising, to me at least, rumour has it that Ottawa remains active in their pursuit of Gatineau native Derick Brassard.

A western source claims Ottawa would be willing to absorb his salary (3.2M through 13/14) should the cost be right…as in next to nothing.  There was no indication what the offer was (is?), but one would think it wouldn’t be much more than Daugavins or a 3rd.

Landing another supposed top 6 forward would certainly strengthen this teams forward depth, but to date offense has not been the issue, rather in zone defense has been the teams biggest struggle, and Brassard, at a +/- of -15 (career -35), would not do anything to improve the situation.

I simply can’t see it, not unless the Sens suffer a key injury in the coming days, or the club has serious concerns over some of its prospect talent, which they don’t, according to the talk.

Next is Weber, the stud d-man from Nashville, and pending UFA, who appears to be the odd man out come the off-season.  Indications are Nashville will not move him in-season, preferring to use his talents in a chase for the Cup, then move his rights for picks in the off-season.

But, with his recent injury, the Preds have continued their decent play, and remain seventh in the West.  Would they be willing to move him now, for the right return?  I seriously doubt it, but his name remains in the rumour mill all the same, with some pointing to Ottawa.

This goes beyond doubtful, to be traded at all, let alone to Ottawa, unless the Preds called up Murray begging for Gonchar in return…yeah, and maybe they’ll toss in their 1st round pick too, lol!

Weber isn’t going anywhere, IMO, unless to Philly, as a UFA signing, in the off-season.

Last but not least is Bobby Ryan…a name that continues to swirl around the rumour mill, just as the Ducks season continues to swirl around the bowl.  Would they actually move Ryan?  Yes, claims several sources, but the price would be hella steep, think Kessle deal, +.

The Sens, barring a complete abandonment of the rebuild, have no dog in this race, if it even exists.

So there you have it rumour fans, not much to chew on, but it is what it is.


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