Welcome To My Lair

Said the Sens to their latest opponent.

Counter-punching is one of the most difficult skills to develop.  It requires a tremendous amount of patience, confidence and will.

But, by far, it is the most effective.

The Sens have discovered this talent, in spades.  Knock them around, gas yourself trying to put them on the mat, and then, in the blink of an eye, they catch you, while seemingly reeling themselves.

Three games, zero leads…three wins.  The epitome of effective counter-punching.

But, any great counter puncher knows they have to be able to win a fight on the cards, if it comes down to it.  They have to be able to adapt if their opponent isn’t willing to engage.

The Sens have to be able to win on the cards.  They have to start playing better defense, capitalizing on their chances, and taking leads.  If they continue to rely on teams getting over confident, or tired, late in games, they will begin to find themselves losing games they were never in.

I’m loving this teams counter-punching ability, it bodes well for the future, but the lack of in game leads is a worrying trend.

I just want to post a few words on Alfie’s 400th.

It is no secret that I greatly admire Alfredsson, both as a player and a citizen, so gushing further is not required.  But, the fact is, as a young franchise, surrounded by iconic teams, the Sens struggled with a lack of legends of their own.  Alfredsson has never failed to deliver on this front, and continues to earn legendary status.  We, who have followed Alfredsson for his entire career, will be able to recall stories of his greatness, lean upon his name when promoting our allegiance to the Sens…we will have memories of the making of a legend.

How amazing is that!




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