Almost In…Almost.

With another come back win, again in OT, the Sens have taken another big step toward holding a post season spot, but not quite yet.

The Sens have appeared to be within the top eight, but when measured as a matter of P%, they have yet to hold a top eight spot in the East.  their current standing, ninth, is as close as they’ve been this season, and being there, at game 39, is very impressive.

What is most impressive, however, is the teams consistency in its last 20 games (a statistically reliable sample size), having gone 10-6-4, for a P% of 0.600.

If the Sens can keep up this impressive pace for the remainder of the season, they will surely be in the hunt for a play-off berth.

And doing so should not be considered improbable, considering the sample size, and the injuries they suffered during those 20 games.  It must also be noted that a young team can be expected to improve with experience, and the team has no lack of youth on its roster.

What will loom large is how this team handles the pressure of having to win for something other than the fun of it.  Can the young players on this team continue to play when the pressure is on, and the expectations rise?  Many of them did exactly that a year ago, albeit in a different league, but they did it all the same.

I remain far from convinced that this team can make the post season, but I’m much more willing to consider such talk as being within the realm of possibility.


Happy New Year everyone.


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