I understand that it is a long season.  A long season of 82 games, that no team can be expected to be at their best in at all times.

I understand.

But, not all games are equal.  Not all games mean the same as others.  some games ARE more important than others.  Some games ARE must win, and there exists no excuse to do otherwise.

Last night was one of those games.

Anyone who has been to the Bank during a Leafs or Canadiens game knows what I’m talking about.  It is frustrating to be surrounded by loud-mouth assholes in your own building, and if the Sens lay a big wet shit at centre ice, it becomes downright hostile.

The Senators owe their fans more than that, and to a man they should be embarrassed and ashamed of that effort.

As a “good” fan, I can look the other way when the team has an off night.  I would think the players appreciate the acknowledgement that they’re human, and have off nights.  But any home game versus Toronto or Montreal are the times when the team has to be there for the fans, to show their appreciation.

Last night was an insult, plain and simple, a slap in the face to the fans, and there is no excuse…none.



6 Responses to “Insulting”

  1. Agreed!

    I’m sitting in the Molson Box in my Heritage Sweater being fed and watered, enjoying the new score clock that I can see, surrounded by Habs’ fans and “Andy” lays that one on me, “Karl” is sleeping, Fillip reverts to being Kuba, the Big Line is getting skated into the ice and Price is turning on the faithful…Yuck!

  2. I watched the first goal and thought we were having a good start. Then we lost our satellite signal. Grabbed the ladder, climbed up on the roof and scraped the snow off the dish and got back in time to see the game was tied. Shortly into the second, I was back on the roof throwing snow onto the dish. Okay, that last bit is a lie but I was thinking it.

  3. Well. What can you say? They are now 6-1 after embarrasments, and Alfie got his 400th goal in the OT winner tonight versus Calgary. This was gold!!!!!!! ….for the fans!

    • I’m not entirely sure how to respond t that, lol. Kinda like hitting a tree with your car, but only smashing up the side with the big scratch in it, so no loss…

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