Peter Re-gone

Shoulders…a tricky injury to repair.

The thing about a shoulder is its range of motion, it’s like a universal joint, and Dr’s hate to do too much in there for fear that one little slip will forever damage the joints range of motion.  Knees are tricky, shoulders are down right troublesome.

Regin is finding this out the hard way.

Alfie found this out last season with his eventually having to undergo back surgery.

Peter will probably go under the knife again, and this time for a more extensive repair, requiring a longer heal time.  He probably needs some tightening of the tendons for a pesky shoulder that just refuses to remain in place under impact.  He likely hoped, with time, it would heal itself, allowing him to get back into the game this season…tough break…er, separation.

The “good” news for the team is that they have no lack of depth at forward, and if Butler can now see some regular ice-time, without the threat of being sat out for under-performing, maybe he can calm his nerves and get back to shooting the puck like he does so well.

I hate to see Peter out, again, but this dark cloud does have a silver lining.  Peter gets the new shoulder, Sens get the old Butler…hopefully.


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