Here Kitty, Kitty ,Kitty…

I like cats.

They’re cute, soft, and don’t mind a good fight.

But they also shit in your house…and that’s kinda weird.

Tonight the Sens host the cats from Florida, and they’re going to do their best to make sure they don’t shit in our building, but it won’t be easy, because they’ve been doing it to a lot of teams lately, with a road record of 10-7-1.

This is a team that wins by keeping the score low.  They have struggled offensively of late, but have received outstanding goaltending and defensive play.  If the Sens can continue their goal scoring ways the odds are good they can shoo these cats out of the building unscratched, but if it comes down to a defensive battle…cat scratch fever may be in the offing.

It’s hard to remain focused, when playing at home, so close to the break, but that’s the way the schedule broke.  Hopefully the Sens place in the standings, and the presence of new comer Turris, will keep them sharp enough to grab a win and build a bit of a cushion over their nearest post season rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who visit Buffalo this evening.

A win, combined with a Toronto loss, would have the Sens move into 6th place in the East and see Toronto slide out of a post season position for the first time this year.

Should the Sens lose, and Winnipeg win, it will be Ottawa, once again, on the outside looking in…

Come on Sens, how ’bout an early Christmas gift for the good fans of Ottawa?


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