Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

There’s a one liner some of you readers are going to be hearing a lot of over the coming days, so let me be the first to utter the annoying phrase.

When the off-season began, and the fans came to fully understand that the next few years would be about re-building, the focus shifted to the draft, and prospects and away from post season glory.

Has this changed?

Has the surprising play of this team reignited post season dreams?  Are we fans now as eager to see a play-off game as a high draft pick?

I would argue that, from a financial point of view, a post season berth would be better than a high draft pick, particularly when you see the team sporting a 7% increase in attendance, yr/yr.

It seems the fans are ready to accept either, but are we prepared to accept neither?

Because the very real possibility is landing in the awkward middle zone, where a team is neither bad nor good.  Rebuilds are stalled by finishing out of the bottom 5 in the league, but also out of the top 8 in their conference.  This is the zone that leaves fans feeling cheated come the end of the regular season, left without dreams of a high pick, or the thrill of post season action.

I have been vocal in cautioning against this sort of outcome to the season.  We’ve all seen it happen all too often to a certain floundering team to the west, you know, the one that hasn’t seen post season play in almost a decade of futility, paired with 9,10, and 11th place finishes in their conference.

Worse, what if this team is over achieving?  What if next season many of these young players take a step back…it would be expected as it seems to happen so often with young talent?  No post season play, no high draft pick, no upward trend…not good.

I just don’t know, but every win has me both elated, and a bit nervous, all at the same time.  Leaving me feeling excitement about the potential for post season play, but worried about the dreaded dead zone finish.

There is a lot of hockey still to be played, but, if I had my choice, I’d sooner see the team creep up, or down in the standing, then remain hovering between 10th and 8th.

Sure, it may be a pessimistic view…but I have a lot of pessimistic data to support it.


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4 Responses to “Are We There Yet?”

  1. Focus on winning – it is the only thing that the team can control. The rest of it is up to the spirits of hockey. If history shows us one thing it’s that trying to manipulate your destiny by relying on what may occur in the future is foolish. History also shows that with hard work and remaining focused on your goal will usually result in positives. Win, win and win. Screw what the draft may or may not bring.

    • I would never support trying to lose, I’m all for trying to win.
      My worry is; are they good enough to make the post season, or just finish to 9,10 or 11?

  2. I believe that we will make the playoffs this year. Murrays trading Runblad solidifide my hopes. With Runblad gone our defense core just got alot better. (Obviously, Runblad is a stud but a rookie and -11 when traded. That -11 contributes to many losses the Sens have had.) Thus, bringing in Turris will not only give us a better second line but remove the -11 rookie d for good.

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