Against All Odds

That was an absolute joke.  ABSOLUTE JOKE!

There were 3 completely blatant, in your face non calls that could only be explained by a decided effort to NOT call a penalty on Florida…there is no other explanation, not even incompetence.

It was absolute choice.

Decide for yourself why, but I have my idea$ why the NHL want$ Florida to make the po$t-$ea$on.

It was evident in the non calls, the horrific BS call on Foligno, and the embarrassing call on Condra for a blatantly obvious dive by Campbell.

If the players are held responsible for their actions on the ice, as are coaches, why do officials get a free pass?  Well, because…so there, good enough for you, right?


The NFL makes the officials accountable, so should the NHL.

OK, enough pixels wasted on those worthless pieces of shit.

Another game, another winning assist for Turris.  Yawn.  I don’t know what the future holds for this kid, but if first impressions are worth anything, it looks mighty bright.

Butler, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you…I owe you 2k bucks, or whatever it would have cost me to replace my panel, after blasting the remote through it, had the Sens lost that game.

Alfie…pleeeeease don’t even think about retiring, ever.

Andy…booya, nothing like making your former team suck-it.

Last, but not least, MacLean…I would have lost my mind in that game.  Full on hair pulling, shirt ripping, stick throwing, spitting, insanity.  How you kept your composure, and kept your team on the page, is beyond me, and every player behind that bench has to respect that dedication to sticking to the plan.  Star of the game goes to you, sir.

Saddle up boys, there’s one more to go.


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2 Responses to “Against All Odds”

  1. Boy are you ever wrong on this one. That call on Foligno was a make-up call on the one that wasn’t called on Winchester for head butting the boards and giving himself a concussion. They got it right when they nailed Neil for getting himself speared by Ovechkin, or when Alfie ran into a raised elbow that was presented to him – again they missed penalizing Alfie for improper use of his head. To put it bluntly the refereeing in the NHL is disgraceful, but when it comes to Ottawa it is completely bizarre. I remeber a game against Toronto when the refs decided to call a penalty several minutes after it had been committed. Play had continued, there were stoppages and face-offs and then one of the refs remembered that he wanted to call a penalty against Ottawa and they did! A JOKE is putting it kindly.

    • Yeah, in that Leafs game, the other ref (who didn’t make the call) was so sure it was against Ottawa he didn’t call the play dead…it took 30 seconds before the initial ref was forced to embarrass his partner by blowing the play dead!

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