That’s It Boys, Steady as She Goes.

This team is beginning to play some very solid hockey.

Early in the season they were winning on sheer determination,often coming back late in games, games in which they had no right winning.

Then as they improved, teams stopped taking them lightly, and although the Sens began leading in-game, they lacked the finish to close out wins when they were there to be had.

In the last few games Ottawa has put it all together, and last night was a perfect example.

They played well from the drop of the puck, took the lead, but most importantly, when they surrendered the lead, then went back ahead, they never stopped playing their game.  There was no panic, no rushed plays, no sense of not knowing what to do, and the confidence to do it.

This team is nowhere near fully developed, not even close, but they are making great, confident strides towards this end.

Lastly, Alfredsson.  What an amazing game by Alfie last night.  He was all over the ice, playing game saving defence, and game winning offence.  I know it will have to end, someday, but it is games like last night that make me cherish his being on my team.

Alfie is great!  Alfie is great! Alfie is great!



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