Turris Blows His Big Chance*

I don’t know about you, but it sickens me when a player is given an opportunity, on a silver platter no less, and he just dumps it into the trash.

Turris, what is your problem?

In his debut Senators game Turris starts off by taking a minor penalty, alright.

Then he goes and tallies an assist, ok, all is going smashingly.

Then, nothing…absolutely NOTHING!

Can you believe the nerve of this kid?

Next time drop those gloves boy, then put one in the net, and nail down that Gordie Howe hat trick!


*Don’t change a thing kid, great game, you did yourself proud in a very important game, and a lot of people took notice!  Now keep it up, as they say, living well is the best revenge!

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4 Responses to “Turris Blows His Big Chance*”

  1. I guess he’s just not going to be that kind of player.

    Oh well, an assist per game will do him well for the next little while. You know, until he gets a feel for his linemates.

    • He certainly had a great debut. Went to the net, at both ends, engaged in the play along the boards, and did a very good job of reading plays, both defensively and offensively.
      He should be extremely happy with that performance…oh yeah, and he owes Condra a pop for putting that puck into the net!

      • yeah, i thought his defensive game was pretty good… he bailed out Gonchar once for sure (I think in the 1st period)… get use to that kid 🙂

        • lol, yeah!
          His assist came off of a good forecheck/backcheck as well, very solid game vis-a-vis positional awareness.

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