Expectations For Turris

With Kyle ready to play his first game in a Sens uniform the talk is all about expetation.

Should we be expecting instant impact?

I would say no, considering his having missed training camp and now having to adjust to a new environment. I’m hoping to see effort, a willingness to engage in play, at both ends of the ice and most importantly, a consistant improvement over time.

I think KT7 needs a 10 game grace period, in terms of points.  Let’s give this young player some breathing room from a score-sheet perspective, but not from an effort perspective.  But, if after getting his wish for a trade, Turris looks lackadaisical, feel free to dump on him, I know I will.

What are your expectations?


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4 Responses to “Expectations For Turris”

  1. I think we have to keep in mind that he is a prospect. Yes he needs to not look lackadaisical, have a positive attitude and all that stuff. However, it may take 2 or more years to know if this was a good trade. I think it may be very unrealistic to have high expectations in the short-term. However, I am hoping he gets at least 50 goals in 50 games. It’s the time of year where I put realism aside.

    • Absolutely.
      But, if he is going to be on the second line, as centre or other, he has to produce, or drop down in the depth chart.
      I believe he will produce, albeit not at his full potential, but at a rate sufficient to remain on the second line.
      My worry is that people are going to be expecting instant production at or near 0.5 ppg, from the drop of the puck, or call him a “bust”.
      That, IMO, would be an entirely unfair expectation, particularly through the first ten games, while he is just getting his feet wet, both on the season, and on the Sens.

  2. Or we could have an inverse situation happen. He scores a goal or two tonight, and everybody overreacts by going nuts setting expectations out of whack, and then over time, he slows down a bit as the gear shifts into 3rd gear from 5th (being he is so excited and all). Hopefully, we just don’t see it slip down to 1st gear, neutral, or worse..gasp.. in reverse over time if you know what I mean. 🙂

    All hockey players go through slumps. The good players find ways to climb out of them. All players need chemistry to develop, and when they find it with another player, it’s magical. Hopefuflly Turris finds that here in Ottawa. Turris may even make players around him better.

    • A top 6 player, to me, is defined by being able to make those around them better. They’re the kind of player that, no matter the line, he still produces. If Kyle can develop into this, the trade is a big win, regardless of how Runner performs.
      Yeah, if he just lights it up tonight it could be just as bad as tripping over his skates.
      I want to see effort, the rest, for the next ten games, is gravy.
      Good to hear from you KJ!

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