Condra Indicated, Or Does Butler Get The Door?

Somebody will have to go down.

Unfortunately for Condra, as the only two-way contracted as the lowest paid, waiver in-eligible player in the forward ranks, it will be him, unless there’s an injury, of course.  But if he dresses for just 2 more games, he’s off the list.  Only one, after he plays tonight.

Tonight Condra gets his first kick at a top 6 role, is it a good-bye kiss, knowing he’s on his way down after tonights game?


But he’s not a top six guy, barring a huge change in his games.  He has, however, along with centre Zach Smith and Daugavins, proven to be a superior penalty killer and energy guy, capable of potting important goals, at important times, while frustrating and shutting down his opponents.

If Condra finds some chemistry tonight, it still won’t matter…CBA and salary say go.

I, for one, do not want to see this line broken up, the Daug Pound line, as I’ve dubbed them, they’re just too damned effective at what they do, dog the puck, and pound in the corners, to be cast aside for the sake of dressing a different waiver ineligible player, with a bigger one-way deal, but nothing else to point to over Condra.

I’m looking squarely at you, Butler.  You haven’t earned the right to knock Condra out of the NHL, at least not this year, but I’m betting you will, all the same.

Bingo can surely use either Condra or Butler, as their infirmary is full of top players, and either would see more ice time there than here, but the Sens will be the lessor for losing Condra, unless Butler answers the bell.


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6 Responses to “Condra Indicated, Or Does Butler Get The Door?”

  1. I thought that Daugavins had a two way? And I think Butts can be sent down without a waiver issue, just money. But yeah, it sucks when money and contracts and such interferes with merit.

    • Yup.
      Butler deserved his deal, then, but has done nothing to earn it now.
      I know his name has been floated around the league…like a lead balloon.

  2. GN

    The “Daug” is a two way and he’s thinking Rega if they leave him down there to rot…I thought Greening and Condra both got one ways?

    • Greening one way, and deserves to stay-up.
      Daug two-way, but I *think* he’s waiver eligible…but may be wrong on this one.
      Condra, still on his ELC, but not waiver eligible.
      Feel free to correct me if wrong…the waiver thing is like a cell phone contract, hard to get a grip on.

  3. stuffrocks Says:

    Z. Smith, Greening, Butler & Condra were all signed to 1 way contracts in the off season after the Bingo playoff run

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